People Book 2015 - Page 2

Brent Binions • President & CEO Our EMPLOYEES are driving our success. 2 Chartwell’s annual People Making a Difference book is an initiative that began in 2010 and continues to inspire in its sixth edition. In this flip book, you’ll meet 21 dedicated employees who not only live up to our values of RESPECT, but go out of their way each day to make a difference in the lives of their residents, colleagues, families and communities. One of the highest priorities of our employees is to provide exceptional customer service to our residents and help make their lives better. Over the years, we’ve learned that the satisfaction of our residents has less to do with the “physical” elements of our homes (amenities, services and bricks and mortar) and more to do with the “emotional” connections (engaging staff, feeling connected with others and an overall sense of belonging in the residence community). That’s why we see our employees as critical to our success in meeting the expectations of our residents, and it’s why we believe that their commitment and desire to make a difference is what truly sets us apart at Chartwell. We are pleased to shine a light on these employees and their dedication to Making People’s Lives BETTER. Our employees live up to our values of RESPECT every day. 3