Pennsylvania Nurse, Front Page 69(4) - Page 11

was then recruited by McKeesport Hospital as faculty in their respected diploma School of Nursing. After receiving her master’s degree under the mentorship of University of Pittsburgh’s Ruth Kuehn, the founder and past dean of the School of Nursing, she joined the School as assistant professor of surgical nursing. In the following years, she earned the first PhD in higher education from the School of Education. Dr. Kelly returned to McKeesport Hospital to serve as director of nursing. In this position – she was the only PhD nurse in such a role in a community hospital – she made advancements for patient care and nursing, including permitting marriage of students, admitting the first male students, providing in-service nursing, hiring one of the early nurse practitioners, encouraging nurse decision making, and developing a psychiatric unit and intensive care unit. (These activities were quite rare in those times!) She began a relationship with the community college to teach nursing courses for credit. As a result,