Pennsylvania Nurse 2019 Pennsylvania Nurse 74.1 - Page 26

Writing Your Manuscript • Select your topic. • Contact the editor, by name, to determine their interest in your topic. • Visit the journal’s website for author guidelines and reference style. • Review several issues of the journal before developing your manuscript. • Choose a title that clearly reflects the topic of your manuscript. • Develop your manuscript in a logical sequence: introduction, body, summary, and references. • Use excellent grammar, avoiding slang or casual language. • Type in 12-point font with double-spaced pages. • Remove typos (watch for words with similar spellings but different meanings). • Define terms and spell out acronyms in their first appearance. • Select active (not passive) verbs. Active = "Nurses must ..." or "Nurses should ..." Passive = "It is important for nurses to ..." • Use fewer words to be direct. 7 words = "It is important for nurses to know ..." 3 words = "Nurse must know ..." • Adhere to the journal’s or editor’s word count. • Meet deadlines. • Do not submit papers written for academic course work. Rewrite it for the journal. • When reporting research findings, include the total number in the sample. Readers need to know the total number, not only the percentage of responses. For example: Sixty percent of 1,000 participants represents 600 individuals; 60% of 10 participants represents 6 individuals. For example: In a study of 1,000 women with heart failure, 60% (n= 600) …. • Write your manuscript and let it rest. Reread and share your work with a trusted colleague who will give you honest feedback prior to submission. • Submit the manuscript according to the journal’s instructions. • There is a time between when you submit your manuscript and the editor’s response. Editors work months in advance of a stated release date. Pennsylvania Nurse is a refereed journal. The editor asks reviewers to read and evaluate the manuscript and make recommendations. • Submit your manuscript to one journal at a time. Wait for a decision before submitting the same manuscript to another journal. Issue 74, 1 2019 Pennsylvania Nurse 24