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Post-Test: Medical Marijuana Law CE: 1.1 contact hours Instructions: (1) After reading the article, take the following test and send completed test to: Continuing Education (mshen-, PSNA, 3605 Vartan Way, Suite 204, Harrisburg, PA 17110. (2) To pass the test, you must score at least 80%. Once PSNA receives your test, it will be checked for accuracy and a certificate will be e-mailed. (3) This test may be completed at (4) This education is free to PSNA members and $10 for non-members. Name_______________________________________________________________________ PSNA Member?  Yes  No Address_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City / State / Zip__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone_________________________________________________ E-mail___________________________________________________________________ License Number__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Medical marijuana is classified as a Schedule ____ narcotic.  a. I  b. II  c. III  d. IV 2. Current literature supports the use of medical marijuana for all the following conditions except:  a. Cachexia  b. Intractable migraine headaches  c. Wasting syndrome  d. Spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis 3. The Medical Marijuana Act was passed to allow access to treatment that can improve pain and suffering when traditional treatments are ineffective or unsatisfactory.  a. True  b. False 4. Employers must accommodate for the use of medical marijuana if the user has:  a. A valid prescription  b. No visible signs of impairment  c. A drug screen level of less than 20ng/mL  d. Employers do not have to accommodate for use 8. Due to state laws, the federal Department of Justice is not able to prosecute people who violate federal law. 5. Marijuana is safe for use in all ages because it does not cause dependence. 9. The observed benefits of medical marijuana use is reversed within ____ due to the rapid half-life.  a. True  b. False  a. True  b. False 6. The primary concern with use in the pediatric population is:  a. One-half of an hour  b. 1-2 hours  c. 3-4 hours  d. 5-6 hours  a. Neurologic impairment  b. Developmental delay  c. Obesity  d. Withdraw syndromes 10. Medical marijuana has been proven by research to improve the quality of life at a population level. 7. The strongest opposition to the use of medical marijuana is:  a. True  b. False  a. Lack of clinical research  b. Failure to control illegal supply  c. Burden on employers with an increase in impaired workers  d. Burden on law enforcement agencies Expiration of CE: April 30, 2022 Issue 74, 1 2019 Pennsylvania Nurse 11