Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 83

C l a s sified A dve rt isem ent s BEDFORD, PA. – GP PRACTICE – GREAT OPPORTUNITY – Located on main highway right off Pennsylvania Turnpike – great visibility. Stand-alone building with abundant free parking – 3,000 S/F with additional 1200 S/F available for expansion. 7 OPs. Dentirx software. Currently 4-day/week practice. Seller wants to stay on after sale. 70% FFS – 30% Insurance. Average 50 new patients/month. Over 10,000 active patients. For more information, contact Ellen Dorner at NL Transitions (410) 616-2042 or email DENTAL OFFICE SPACE (ORTHO / PEDO / SPECIALIST) – DUBLIN (BUCKS COUNTY) BRAND NEW 3rd FLOOR OFFICE SPACE (1250 SQ. FT.) IN BEAUTIFUL BUCKS COUNTY! High traffic corridor on Route 313. These 3 bays (room for 4 and 5) are designed and built FOR ANY DENTAL SPECIALIST and ready for IMMEDIATE use. Includes 3 matching dental chairs and delivery equipment, air compressor and vacuum, all cabinetry, statim autoclave, and elevator access. A MUST SEE for a new practitioner starting out WITH LOW RISK!! Call (610) 533-5443 or email PRACTICE FOR SALE - ADAMS COUNTY/Gettysburg This extraordinary opportunity doesn’t come on the market very often. Fabulous state-of-the-art practice collecting in excess of $1.2M consistently. Office has 6 operatories with a 7th plumbed and ready for expansion. Retiring Dr. will continue in the practice 2 days per week to ensure gradual transition for the new buyer. Volume of patients— over 3,350, and multiple hygienists will support a return on investment of 46.3% the first year! Located centrally between Baltimore, MD and Harrisburg, PA this opportunity will not be on the market for long. Contact: Edward Landau, DMD, MBA at Practice for Sale – Chester County 4 ops, Great area, Great location! General, 1600 s/f leased space. Revenue $920,000. Fee for service. f"&Rf&F6F7BV'66V&fW76&7F6RG&6F267VFBF67FSbsSWB2"F67FV'66V65&7F6Rf"6R( 2ǖ6֖r6VGvVW7F&Ɨ6VBF&frvVW&&7F6R'W&6WGFrB2#32bFvF&2&WS7FfRFVG27G&rvVP&w&&VW7FFRf&RBFW2fR6W&FR&VF6Pg&"W7F'2'FVG26rC#Sf"FR&VW7FFRFF67W72gW'FW"6F7BV'66V&fW76&7F6RG&6F067VFBF67FSbsSWB2 F67FV'66V65r&7F6Rf"6R( 2FW6VGde2vVW&&7F6RvF2&vR2g&VR7FFr&FrvFw&VB6vvRBf6&ƗGC'2W7F"#6bWF&PvF7F&vR"R6f6F7BV'66V&fW76&7F6PG&6F267VFBF67FSbӓsSWB2F67FV'66V65sPDTDdd4R54Rd"T4R( 2%$4%U$p6FVB'W7ƖvW7Fv&B6'&F"'VFrvFVF6ff6W2vFW6VVBf6&ƗGV"w&6W'7F&Rw&VB7F'BW'GVGf"7V6Ɨ7B"vVW&&7F6RS7gBvF2vVW&W6ǐ6VB2B&vR"76Rv66VB&R6fW'FVBFGFW7Fr6'26WFW'2fR6&WG2gW&GW&R6VFVBvFFRV6RfW&Rf&ƗGFFRV6RV7Ffdח66&7F6W2f"6PFV( 2&7F6RB'VFr27gBvFb2BCc&WfVVR6&Ɨ6R( 26VVr766FRVFrFWVG'FW'6fVRf"6W'f6RW6VVB&7F6RBw&VB6FV6R6F7B4FVC3#CCCBWB"d6&w&W6&7F6W2f"6P&7F6W2f"6RBD2d&7F6RfVFVƖfVB'WW'0vFgVFr&R&ff"&V2vFfW"cV'2bWW&V6RWBW2767BRvFW"G&6FBFWfVW"WB7G&FVw4RWVG'W'FW'62766FRVFrFW&66R"6VB7F6F7BFR4"w&W2Bwwr6&w&W6t6&w&W6"C3#CCCB2$4$#T5dDTDU$0