Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 66

PDA 150TH ANNIVERSARY Dr. Les Levin PDA President 1982-1983 Initially I became a member of the PDA for a variety of reasons. I was aware of the dental association as a result of information I heard while in dental school, plus what I gathered from an uncle who was an orthodontist in my home town of Baltimore. Out of curiosity I attended some local meetings and met some members, particularly Nick Gentile and John Lathrop, who I eventually became close to in my local society, the Dental Society of Chester County and Delaware County. I attended many meetings, again out of curiosity, and early on I was chosen to be editor of that society’s newsletter. I enjoyed gathering information for that publication and thereby was exposed to other similar sources of info. 66 MA R CH/A P R I L 2018 | P EN N S YLVA N IA D EN TA L J O UR N A L