Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 65

PDA 150TH ANNIVERSARY Dr. Cynthia L. Schuler What advice I would give young people today? I would say and do as I always say: join in, get in early, volunteer – you have many riches to obtain from fellows in our great profession. Don’t stick your head in your office. Poke it out the door, down the street, around the corner. These are your friends not your competitors. Stick with organized dentistry. It’s an institution worth joining. Don’t let outside interests draw you away as they do not have the longevity to back them. We have brand recognition it just needs more of you to join and help us dust it off a bit. Dr. Dennis Charlton served as statewide NCDHM chair from 1992-1996. Dr. Elliott D. Maser Dr. Charles Weber PDA President 2004-2005 What have I enjoyed most about PDA? I can tell you for sure – the camaraderie, the friendships we’ve made, the knowledge we’ve gained – the knowledge I gained allowed me to move on to the ADA and represent you as your trustee for five years. It was a wonderful opportunity not only to learn about PA, but also around the rest of the country. I’ve developed many friendships that we still maintain and it’s been a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful experience. Having been a member of the PDA for 42 years and a delegate/alternate for approximately 30 years, my most vivid memories are of the Fun Runs. In the ‘early days’ the man to be feared was delegate and then ADA Trustee Bill Booth, who would routinely wax the tail of all of the younger runners. Weather meant nothing for the runners, from a late snow the middle of April in Philadelphia that finished at the Art Museum ‘Rocky Stairs’ to running in the rain and down pours through Pittsburgh along the river; each was an adventure. I guess I had the ‘honor’ of being the Fun Run chair for about 10 years in a row, finishing when the PDA held its last HOD meeting. I still treasure the plaque given to me by then President Don Hoffman…Best wishes to all of my friends. MARCH/AP RIL 2018 | P EN N SYLVAN IA DEN TAL JOURNAL 65