Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 64

Dr. Kay Thompson and Esther Richwine, PDA Executive Director from 1976-1994. Dr. Jon J. Johnston PDA President 2007-2008 What I think the PDA has really done and I would say over the years they have really helped protect the profession of dentistry in Pennsylvania. And they’ve done it in a lot of different ways. Dr. Michael Cerveris PDA President 2002-2003 Dr. Ronald D. Bushick PDA President 1999-2000 Reflecting back on my many years of service in dentistry, I can’t help thinking of the many rewarding opportunities and experiences that I had as the result of being involved, following graduation, in organized dentistry at the local, state and national levels. Meeting colleagues throughout the state and nationally illustrated the common values and interest in our profession and in our patient care that was shared by all. It was an occasion to learn about people, their expectations – and mine. 64 MA R CH/A P R I L 2018 | P EN N S YLVA N IA D EN TA L J O UR N A L If I were starting out today or if someone asked what my advice would be, the best thing a new dentist can do is listen to your patient. You’re the mechanic – you know how to fix problems, but you need to know what the problem is that brought the patient to you. Rather than you telling them what they need, it’s better for them to tell you what they want. When I was President, I would say some of the most defining or memorable experiences I had were really centered around some of the legislative stuff that we did – they had attempted an amalgam ban down in Philadelphia that we worked really hard to prevent, and the scope of practice for dental hygiene and EFDAs was a significant part of what we were busy working on while I was President.