Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 62

Dr. Stephen Kondis PDA President 1992-1993 PDA Speaker of the House 1986-1991 Organized dentistry has to occupy a certain portion of your time in dentistry. If you really want to have a great organization you have to be involved. And to be involved at that level you have to be involved with a certain amount of politics…That is the only way they’re going to have a voice. That involves a certain amount of politics and a lot of dentists don’t realize that until it’s too late…Some of my closest friends in dentistry that I had the opportunity to meet and to associate with in organized dentistry were some of my very best friends. And they were just good people. 62 MA R CH/A P R I L 2018 | P EN N S YLVA N IA D EN TA L J O UR N A L