Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 58

Tenth District Father & Sons Dr. John S. Pawlowicz, Jr. Dr. John E. Pawlowicz Dr. Jason K. Pawlowicz Dr. James K. Pawlowicz Father & Son Dr. Bruce Parker Dr. Jeffrey Parker Father/Daughter/Granddaughter Dr. Robert A. Rosato (deceased) Dr. Cheryl L. Rosato Dr. Samantha R. Linkowski Father & Son Dr. John Chips Dr. Timothy Chips Father & Daughter Dr. Robert Sepp Dr. Kara Sepp Father/Son/Grandson Dr. George M. Stoner (deceased) Dr. Donald A. Stoner Dr. Daniel M. Stoner Father/Son Dr. Ronald Sepic Christopher Sepic Mother/Father/Son Lawrence G. Adam Anne M. Adam Lawrence J. Adam Father/Son Dr. M. Frederick Dills Dr. Scott Dills Father/Son Dr. Jeffrey W. Mertens Dr. Erik Mertens Father/Son Dr. Richard Mayberry, Jr. (deceased) Dr. David Mayberry Father/Son Dr. Paul Dornin Dr. Timothy Dornin Father/Daughter Dr. Kevin Ryan Dr. Katie Ryan Eddens Father/Sons Dr. Jay Feuer Dr. Eric Feuer Dr. Adam Feuer Father/Son Dr. Richard Sepesy Dr. Richard Sepesy, Jr. Father/Son Dr. Mallard George Dr. Michael George Father/Daughter Dr. Richard Grimaldi Dr. Ashleigh Grimaldi-Farrah Father/Son Dr. Paul Hess Dr. Matthew Hess Father/Son/Grandson Dr. H. David Mock (deceased) Dr. H.S. David Mock Dr. Maxwell Mock Father/Son Dr. Michael Petras Dr. Brian Petras Father/Son Dr. Richard C. Rothrock Dr. Richard M. Rothrock Father/Son Dr. Larry Rohland Dr. Chad Rohland Father/Daughter Dr. Lance Rose Dr. Katherine Rose Father/Son Dr. Robert Evans Dr. Geoffrey Evans Father/Son Dr. Larry Rohland Dr. Chad Rohland FUN FACTS & TIDBITS From the January 1926 Quarterly Bulletin of the Pennsylvania State Dental Society (Volume XII, Number 1): TO THE MEMBERS OF THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE DENTAL SOCIETY Pennsylvania will this year play host to the Seventh International Dental Congress which gives promise of being the largest and most important gathering of dentists which has ever been held in the history of our profession. 58 MA R CH/A P R I L 2018 | P EN N S YLVA N IA D EN TA L J O UR N A L Father/Son Dr. Steve Smiga Dr. Eric Smiga Father/Son Dr. Charles F. McDermott (deceased) Dr. Charles E. McDermott Father/Son Dr. John A. Bamonte (deceased) Dr. John A. Bamonte, Jr. Father/Daughter Dr. Alan H. Segal (deceased) Dr. Jane Segal Father/Son Dr. Francis M. Corsello (deceased) Dr. Gregg Corsello Father/Son Dr. Joseph A. Petrone (deceased) Dr. Joseph F.A. Petrone Father/Son/Granddaughter Dr. Henry J. Schmitt, Jr. (deceased) Dr. William D. Schmitt Dr. Marian Wolford Father/Daughter Dr. William H. Labriola (deceased) Dr. Cynthia Labriola