Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 55

First District (Does not include spousal relationships unless spouse is part of intergenerational group) Dr. Muhammad Amjad Son – Dr. Hammad R. Amjad Dr. Raymond Au Spouse – Dr. Felice Hom Au Brother – Dr. Augustine Au Son – Dr. Stephen (son of Raymond and Felice) Dr. Frank Berson Son – Dr. Paul Berson Granddaughter – Dr. Brooke A. Berson Dr. David A. Bresler Son – Dr. Joshua Bresler Son – Dr. Jason Bresler BROTHER SON-IN-LAW Dr. Anthony L. Checchio – President, American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, PDA Recognition Award Recipient Daughter – Dr. Lennie M. Checchio – PCDS President Daughter – Dr. Mary Anne Checchio Son – Dr. Joseph A. Checchio Granddaughter – Dr. Jennifer A. Koumaras Grandson – Dr. Michael A. Koumaras Son-in-law – Dr. James O’Larnic (late husband of Lennie) Dr. A.J. Chialastri – PDA Trustee, PCDS President, PDA Distinguished Award Recipient Son – Dr. Gregg M. Chialastri – PDA Trustee, PCDS President Daughter – Dr. Susan M. Chialastri – PDA Recognition Award Recipient Dr. Richard R. Chillemi – PCDS President Son – Dr. Richard R. Chillemi, II Daughter – Dr. Sharon Bleiler Son-in-law – Dr. Russel Bleiler, III (spouse of Sharon) Dr. Norman C. Clark Daughter – Dr. Saundra Clark Dr. Abram Cohen – PCDS President Son – Dr. D. Walter Cohen – Dean, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Dr. Robert F. DeSipio Son – Dr. Robert F. DeSipio, Jr. Dr. David L. Dyen – PCDS President, Editor, PCDS Bulletin Son – Dr. James H. Dyen, PCDS President, Editor, PCDS Bulletin Dr. Richard V. Eidelson Daughter – Dr. Amanda Eide 6G"W''2fVV( 2fVFW"b&W6FVBWrW&FVF66WGFVvFW"( 2G"&VVRfVV4E2&W6FV@G"'Fw6fV@6( 2G"'Fw6fVB"w&G6( 2G"'F6fVBG"VWFrVFV&66( 2G""VFV&6G"vWFf( 2D&W6FVBD7VW"`FRW6RbFVVvFW2DG'W7FVR4E2&W6FV@6( 2G"g&62fG"V&@6( 2G"V&B"6( 2G"F2V&@G"&2Wf6W6( 2G"V&B'&0G"&B&7W0FVvFW"( 2G"&7W0G"7FWW6`6( 2G"֖6VW6`FVvFW"֖r( 2G"R&VVB7W6Rb֖6VG"7fW7FW"֖W 6( 2G"W&Br֖W"( 24E2&W6FV@G"v&BWV6( 2G"V2WVG"&Br&6( 2G"'&BB&G"R6इW6&B( 2G"6G"&W'B'&V67"6( 2G"&W'B'&V6"6( 2G"6W'&V6( 24E2&W6FV@w&G6( 2G"V2'V&"G"6VV&766( 2G"V2R&76( 2&W6FVBW&6766FbVFFF7G0G"&W&&B&F6( 2G"&2&FG"g&6'F( 2D&W6FVBDG'W7FVR4E2&W6FV@6( 2G"g&6'F"( 24E2&W6FV@FVvFW"( 2G"76'FG"&F 6( 2G"vRF G"r֖6VGV6( 2G"'GVG"Vfg&WvVW 6( 2G"6BvVW G"&&W'BbvvW 6( 2G"&&bvvW G"vFrv&( 2D&W6FVBDG'W7FVR4E2&W6FV@6( 2G"F2rv&( 2Df6R&W6FVCD&W6FVBD7VW"bFRW6RbFVVvFW2DG'W7FVR4E2&W6FV@$4$#T5dDTDU$S