Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 42

15O PDA PRESIDENTS Dr. Alex McKechnie in his “bicentennial” address to the PDA House of Delegates, June 1976 Two hundred years ago, our ancestors confronted people they considered outsiders, because of an alleged interference of their considered rights. Today, outsiders are looking over the shoulder of dentists and we just don’t like it…While some people are looking at the next century or more with time capsules, predictions, and the like, you the leaders, must view tomorrow, next year and perhaps, at the most, the coming 10 years with exceptionally clear minds, measured judgments and wisdom. Issues must be faced positively and without rancor. 42 MA R CH/A P R I L 2018 | P EN N S YLVA N IA D EN TA L J O UR N A L *Frederick W. Herbine 1952 Reading *Walter F. Wade 1953 Erie *Homer D. Butts Jr. 1954 Philadelphia *Thomas P. Fox 1955 Philadelphia *E. Harold Finnerty 1956 Scranton *Isaac Sissman 1957 Pittsburgh *Victor H. Frank 1958-59 Philadelphia *Earl H. Albert 1959-60 Lebanon *Robert W. McEldowney 1960-61 Harrisburg *Reuben E. V. Miller 1961-62 Easton *Charles F. McDermott 1962-63 Pittsburgh *Jay H. Eshleman 1963-64 Philadelphia *John E. Whittaker 1964-65 Williamsport *Naysh C. Brennan 1965-66 Shenandoah *George P. Boucek 1966-67 Pittsburgh *Kenneth E. Neiman 1967-68 Norristown *Laurence L. Lathrop 1968-69 Emporium *Willis J. McCormick 1969-70 Haverford *Bernard Shair 1970-71 Scranton *W. Arthur George 1971-72 Pittsburgh *Waldo G. Gamba 1972-73 Philadelphia *Donnel M. McHenry 1973-74 Chambersburg *William A. Booth 1974-75 Sharon *Alex J. McKechnie Jr. 1975-76 *John L. Bomba 1976-77 Have ۂ]Y[H][H NMMT]؝\Y][ZZ[HH NM MBR[\ۂ[X[HXHH NMKN Q\YB]YˈYۙ\H NN N BR^]ۂ\\ˈXљX]\H NN KN T]؝\\\ ][H NN N P\ۂX\ XۙHH NN N Tܘ[ۂ[[[X\[H NN N BT[Y[XB[\[