Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 26

Thanks For The Memories By Richard J. Galeone, DDS, Editor Emeritus In some ways I feel like I’ve been around for the entire 150 years of the Pennsylvania Dental Association. I had the privilege of serving full terms both as Associate Editor and Editor of the PDA. I attended Board of Trustees meetings, Council on Communications and Public Relations meetings, our Annual Meeting and meetings with the PDA Communications staff. I was in Harrisburg more than the governor. And before EZPass, I had developed a magic trick where I would pick the worst line at the toll booth. I nailed it, every time! I think I enjoyed being Associate Editor more than Editor. There had not been an Associate Editor before me so I was able to carve a place out for myself. 1977 I had previously done some creative writing. It was my hobby. It was my “escape” from dentistry. However, my professor always admonished me to write about things I knew. But this assignment gave me writers’ and brain block. Having volunteered to man a dental table at my local YMCA’s annual health fair one Saturday morning, I brought along a pad, pencil and several erasers. I think I bumped up my coffee to extra bold that morning. I was able to conjure up an unhappy memory of dental school. And 25 years distance allowed me to see how some might think it was funny. The people at the health fair must have thought I was insane sitting there alone writing and trying to contain my laughter. But after that first try, the ghosts of teachers, patients, dental students, commanding officers, employees and stewardesses all ghoulishly rose up to remind me of my pathetic life. People seemed to enjoy reading about my problems. Compared to me they were incredibly well-balanced 1978 26 MA R CH/A P R I L 2018 | P EN N S YLVA N IA D EN TA L J O UR N A L Another of the things I especially enjoyed was interviewing Pennsylvania dentists, and writing articles about their avocations. One of our members ran a side business with his wife, breeding, raising and racing thoroughbreds. These lucky fillies and stallions lived and romped on some of the prettiest pasture land I’d ever seen. And the stallions were sent to the best stud farms in the country for two month vacations. I couldn’t decide if I was more jealous of the dentist or the horses. Another man built and flew his own aircraft and he brought me to his shop where he had more tools than the Sears catalogue. We then took a long ride through the countryside to visit the hangar where he kept his planes. They were very light, about half way between the Wright brothers and the Red Baron. I was in panic attack country until I saw they were all single passenger jobs. An oral surgeon from eastern Pennsylvania donated a couple of weeks every year to a dental mission in Nepal. He was excited about an upcoming trip and told me about his preparations. I had always realized that these volunteers had to worry about supplies and facilities, but this doctor opened my eyes to something else. He was a solo practitioner. For a 1978 PDA moves Central Office headquarters from 217 State Street in Harrisburg to 3501 North Front Street in Harrisburg. 1980 1981 PDA purchases 3501 North Front Street in Harrisburg to become the new home to PDA’s Central Office. geniuses. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the feedback from readers. 1979 1977 Dr. Judith McFadden, our Dental Editor Extraordinaire, telephoned one day to ask if I might like to write a humor column for the Journal. Humor in dentistry ]Y[YYHݙ[YXKH[Y[X\Z[˜\Z[]H]]\Y]HB[[XXH\\و^H YX\[[[\[\KH[[\[YۈHY\YK܈H\[YK][ۘ[[[&\[[X[[۝\؜\Y][ۘ[H܈H[\B[۝ ݙ\܈X•ܛ\ٙXX[B\Yۘ]YXX\H\[[&\[[X[[۝[[[[XKNN