Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 17

PDA 150TH ANNIVERSARY This commemorative issue of the Pennsylvania Dental Journal is dedicated to our members and your dental teams all over this great state. It is you and your predecessors who have built the 150-year legacy of the Pennsylvania Dental Association that we celebrate in 2018. In this PDJ we remember the decades of accomplishments and milestones, and reflect on the challenges and changes that have helped shape PDA. We do it largely through the memories of many of our esteemed leaders. Throughout the issue you’ll see excerpts of interviews conducted with former presidents, speakers of the house and other leaders, where we asked about their most memorable experiences, the defining moments for PDA, the greatest achievements of the profession and what advice they have for new dentists today. We are also pleased to have our three award-winning editors emeritus, Dr. Judith McFadden, Dr. Richard Galeone, and Dr. Bruce Terry, providing their perspective. In addition to 150 years worth of publications and photographs, one particular book provided a goldmine of information that greatly enhanced our research, and that was a special issue of the Pennsylvania Dental Journal, titled “History of Dentistry in Pennsylvania,” written by former PDA president Dr. Isaac Sissman, published in March 1968. Dr. Sissman’s historical account of the early years and decades of this organization provided a great foundation for capturing the origins of organized dentistry in Pennsylvania. We also learned via the first publication of Transactions Of The Pennsylvania State Dental Society, published in 1875, that the formation of this organization on December 1, 1868, “was not the result of a preconceived idea that was worked up and developed by a succession of conferences and meetings held for that purpose by its authors. Nor was the usual mental labor of the plan and objects of such movements bestowed upon it. It sprung, almost Phoenix-like, from the deliberations of a body of men, met together in a small town in the interior of the state for mutual, social and scientific improvement in the profession of dentistry. “A convention of dentists, consisting of the Harris Dental Association of Lancaster, the Lebanon Valley Dental Society and a number of professional gentlemen from other local societies, was held at the Lititz Springs in July, 1868. The formation of an extended or general organization was in no way connected with the inception of this movement, but the idea being suggested in the progress of the proceedings was at once acted upon, with the most happy results.” Finally, a note of appreciation. The information and images presented in this issue came about not just through the research and work of PDA staff, but through the generous assistance of other PDA leaders as well as the dedicated staff of our component societies. Many thanks to all of you who contributed to this issue and helped us bring 150 years of history to life. MARCH/AP RIL 2018 | P EN N SYLVAN IA DEN TAL JOURNAL 17