Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 14

G ove r n men t Re lat ions As this year is PDA’s 150 th anniversary we are creating a one year only 150 th Anniversary Club level. Those who contribute $150-$199 will receive special recognition for making a PADPAC donation in commemoration of this very significant PDA milestone. home areas and have enjoyed the experience and made contact with their elected officials. It is never too early to begin building relationships with your senators and representatives. You can be a valuable resource for them when they have issues that match with your expertise. As one of the many benefits of being a PADPAC member we have a special newsletter that only goes to PADPAC contributors. It contains up to the minute goings on in Harrisburg, legislative updates, elected official Q &A and “think” pieces that will enlighten you and cause you to think about the people, policies and politics of our state and nation. Please make your PADPAC contribution today to be in the know and ahead of the curve. Many of you have generously donated. Thank you very much! As of early January, we are one-third of the way to our goal of $70,000. Please continue to be generous and encourage your colleagues to do the same. The money you contribute goes directly towards fighting the insurance companies and their desire to achieve THEIR goals – often at the expense of you and your profession. Your hard dollar donations also go toward moving the legislative and regulatory goals of the dental profession forward. If you would like to attend a fundraiser please let us know. A number of PDA members have attended fundraisers in their Authorization to Take Radiographs in the Dental Office State Board of Dentistry (SBOD) regulations require that dental auxiliary personnel (EFDAs and assistants) receive authorization from the SBOD prior to taking radiographs in the dental office. Without authorization, auxiliary personnel are prohibited from taking radiographs. To obtain authorization, auxiliary personnel must pass the radiological procedure examination adopted by the SBOD. Individuals who hold a license from the state (dentists and dental hygienists) do not require additional authorization to perform radiological procedures X[Y\]B[XYH]\ٚYYH[\[\][H\]Z\[Y[YX[\H[ۙKH^[Z[][ۈ\[HYYHH\\B[[\\[][ۘ[\8&\YX][ۈX[[Y]H^[K]^[X\H\ۛ[]\\ZH[\H^[K^H]\[[[8']]ܚ^][ۈ”\ܛHY[X[Y\\'H\X][ۋ[ۙ]Z\S^[Hܙ\[H\X][ۈYHBГ []\^H[XZ]HH]\]]ܚ^[[BZHY[ܘ\ˈ]^[X\H\ۛ[\H[YZHY[ܘ\[[^H]HXZ]Yܚ][YX][ۈHHГ [[]YX[]]ܚ^YZHY[ܘ\ [\MPH HH NSSHPHSHTHYY[\Q\[[[\\[H\H\]Z\YH KHKX[ۈ KLH›XZ[Z[۝[Z[YX][ۂܙY][Y[KH\B[H[H\Z[[œY[K]\H\H\XX\X\]]\HY\Y[ܙ\]\ٞBY[][ۜΈYX][ۈY]K[X[YXوYX][ۋ]X[]H\\[H[]X[]H۝ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX]H^[KX\H\]B[[\\[][ۘ[\8&\X]H]΋˂[ܙЙXYKP\YYY ^[\X[ P\YX][ۜ”Q^[K\ H\وYHX]\X[܈H^[H[H[\N΋˙[ܙ[ЙXYKB\YYY \\KY܋QSQ^[\^[KTY\[KBX]\X[˘\ ']]ܚ^][ۈ\ܛHY[X[Y\\'B\X][ۜ[H[ۈHГ8&\X]N˙˜K݋ٙ\[ۘ[X[[Л\[Z\[ۜ[\KY\[]X[ P\X][ۜ˘\ ܈]Y\[ۜY\[]]ܚ^][ۈZHY[ܘ\X\H۝XHH[[ٙXH]  H L M