Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2018 - Page 11

G ove r n men t Re lat ions SAMPLE LETTER TO SEND TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE Contact PDA’s staff at (800) 223-0016 or, for your representative’s name and address, or for an electronic copy of the sample letter you can modify. [Date] The Honorable [Representative’s Name] Pennsylvania House of Representatives [Insert Capitol Address] Harrisburg, PA 17120 Dear Representative [Insert Last name]: As a dentist living in your district and one of 5,500 members of the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA), I am writing to respectfully request that you vote “yes” on SB 373, legislation that would require insurers to assign benefits (on patient’s request) to dentists, regardless of whether they participate with the insurer. The Senate voted for SB 373 on January 22 with a vote of 35-15, and it is now in the House Insurance Committee for consideration. Assignment of benefits legislation would eliminate financial and administrative burdens for both patients and dentists, and ensure timely care. By enacting assignment of benefits legislation, Pennsylvania would join 23 other states in ensuring that benefit plans are treated as purchased products belonging to the patient. n Some patients cannot see their dentist of choice because some insurance companies do not directly pay the non- participating provider and they cannot afford to pay for services upfront. Dentists who do not require advanced payment may never be paid for services rendered. This insurance practice unfairly inhibits patients from seeking care from their dentist of choice, even though they are paying for a benefit that should be applied to any provider, regardless of whether or not the provider participates with the patient’s insurance plan. n Absence of assignment of benefits legislation forces patients to pay upfront for treatment they may not be able to afford. This can be particularly difficult for divorced or separated parents, single parents and low-income families. It would be much easier for a patient to have the ability to assign the dental benefit directly to the provider. n Parents who are divorced or separated may experience the problem where one parent has custody of a child while the other parent carries the insurance. The latt W"WfW"6VBFR7W&6R6V6FFR7W7FF&VBvBFf"6W'f6W0Wg&Bf6VBvFF26GVF7W7FF&VG27GR"fB6&RFvWFW"F26VB67BFRFVF7Bv7FW2vFFR&VBB6VW2FR6BvFWB&WV&rGf6VBVBgFVFW6RFVF7G2&RWfW"BFVG2&W6Fr'W&&V2&R6VBBF6GfFvR2FW&Rǒ&RFgVbFVF7G2v&RWGv&FVG2fRF7W"&RG&fVƖrFRBWV6RF6VVG&VFVBg&WGv&&fFW"&FW"F&VpG&VFVB''F6FrFVF7Bv&7F6W266W"&֗G7GVGg&FRFVFr&WfWrfVBFB76vVBb&VVfG2w2FƗGFRbFrF7&V6RVF6&R67G2गBVƖ֖FW2bFRF֖7G&FfR76W2766FVBvF&ƖrBVBWW&V6VB'&F&fFW'2BFVG2@6WfV&VGV6RFRVVBf"&fFW'2F&6R&FW2ख7W&6R6W26R76vVBb&VVfG2w2&V6W6RFWfVVF2vvVVFR'F6BWGv&V&6WfFV6PFW2B7V'7FFFRFR6FB&fFW"WGv&2&RvVVVB7FFW2vF76vVBb&VVfG2w27B&V6VFǒ7GVGg&f&FgFW"BV7FVB76vVBb&VVfG2Vv6FfVBWB7266>( 'F6FWGv&2ऒFRf"W"GFVFFF2'FB77VRFBV2&fFW'2WfVFRrfVBvF7W&W'2B&WGFW"&FV7BFVG06VVr6&Rg&FV"FVF7Bb66RV6R6F7BRbRfRVW7F2"66W&2B6W'B6F7Bf&F66W&Vǒ6vP$4$#T5dDTDU$