Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2017 - Page 39

C l a s sified A dve rt isem ent s GENERAL DENTIST WANTED – Philadelphia Suburbs Rates: $50 for 45 words or less, $1 for each additional word. $1 for each word set in boldface (other than first four words). $10 to box an ad. $5 for PDA Box number reply. One free ad to deceased member’s spouse. Website: All Journal classified ads will be posted on the public section of the PDA website, unless otherwise requested. Ads will be removed at the end of the two months of the Journal issue. Deadlines: Jan/Feb Issue — Nov 1 • Mar/Apr Issue — Jan 1 May/Jun Issue — Mar 1 • Jul/Aug Issue — May 1 • Sept/Oct Issue — Jul 1 Nov/Dec Issue — Sept 1 Payment: Upon submitting ad. Mailing Address: Send ad copy and box responses to: PDA Dental Journal • PO Box 3341 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 Classified Advertising Policy: The Pennsylvania Dental Association is unable to investigate the offers made in Classifieds and, therefore, does not assume any responsibility concerning them. The Association reserves the right to decline to accept or withdraw advertisements in the Classifieds. The Journal reserves the right to edit classified ad copy. How to reply to a PDA Box Number: Your Name & Address Here Pennsylvania Dental Journal PO Box 3341 Harrisburg, PA 17105 Attn: Box M/A____ Dental group with several offices in the Philadelphia suburbs is seeking a full time, experienced general dentist. We offer an extremely competitive compensation package to qualified candidates. Email CV to for immediate placement. General Dentist Wanted – Collegeville Seeking General Dentist DMD/DDS 4 days a week for a small, well established non-profit dental center near Collegeville. Candidate must be proficient in all aspects of general dentistry and hold a current Pennsylvania license. Interested dentists, please call Jen Wood, Executive Director, at (610) 489-1313 or email CV to General Dentist Wanted - Erie Associate dentist wanted for well established, family oriented practice in Erie. No evenings or weekends. Experience preferred, but new grads will be considered. Please email CV to for consideration. Associate Wanted – West Chester Highest quality general practice in West Chester seeks an associate leading to partnership. A GPR or experience in the dental sub-specialties would be ideal. We are a fee for service practice in a new high-tech, 8 operatory facility. Fax resume or CV to (610) 692-6502 or visit Associate Wanted - General Dental Practice OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE Outstanding Career Opportunities In Pennsylvania, providing ongoing professional development, financial advancement and more. Positions also available in FL, GA, IN, MI, VA and MD. For more information contact Jeff Dreels at (941) 955-3150, fax CV to (941) 330-1731 or email or visit our website Associate - General Dental Practice Beaver County Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area) extremely busy general practice seeking quality long term associate or buy in candidate. Contemporary practice is computerized and has all digital X-rays. Experience in all phases of general practice including endo, impla G2@7&vB'&FvR&VfW'&VB'WBv66FW"&V6VBVƖfVBw&GVFRW7F&Ɨ6VB&7F6R6VFW2WW&V6VB7FfbFW&WVVBw&VB6FBF7F'2vƖrFRF2vv6GVF6F7Bff6RBs#BssRCR"VfFFD667BWB'GVG( 2FVF7G2vV7G2B767FG0W6Fr'GVFW2f"FVF7G2vV7G2B767FG2F&fFP6G&VvFVƗGFVF6&R662V7fWfVw0"vVVVG2V&W7VW2F'46֖W&w&26खVFFRVrgV"'BFRW'2f"WG7FFr766FPFVF7BW"&7F6R7VGW&R26V6BFRBRvB&Vw&W@6֖rF6VRW"f6ƗGf"FW'fWrF22FR766FR'GVGbƖfWFRW"&7F6R26vRF7F"vVBBFVW&FVBW"fF7F2&7F6R'V2WBbWvǒ'VB7FFRbFR'B7V&RfBf6ƗGBvRfR&VV6W'frW"6VGf"fW CV'2RvB6VRFW"FVFff6RƖRF2vRfR0vVW&FVF7G2F6W'fR2VF'2rvFFV'FFF7B@W&FF7BF&VfW"FBV&g&vFFR&7F6RvR&Rv&VFVBvRv&&BFvWFW"f"W"FVG2Bf"V6FW"@vR7V66VVBFvWFW"vRffW"66r7GVFVBFV'B&WV@7G&FVvW2BW"766FRF7F'2v&BFBRF2W"vVVB&Pw&76r66RF3FV"f'7BV"vRfR67FBBW6FpfrbW6VVBWrFVG2&vrg&fVRf"6W'f6RF7W&6PG&fV7&VFrVffV7FfR&VBW6VVB6Ɩ66V6FBG'W7B'VFr62&RW76VFvRffW"&6R6'vF&W0&6VB&fFW"6V7F26FR6֗2FRƖ֗BbR&R6V@BVffV7FfRvFFVG2vRfRW6VVBFVbWFV@gV7F767FG2&VGF7W'BRW"v2FRRVvP7V66W72vRvVB66FW"Wrw&G2'WB&VfW"&W6FV7"6P7Bw&B6Ɩ6WW&V6RvRvB6VRF&R'BbW"FVЦBW"7VGW&RrFW&Ɩ6V6RBW7FW6&W7G&7FVB&PW7BFB֗72F2'GVGV6RVW"&W7VR5bF6&VW'4w&fRFVF$4$#rT5dDTDU$3