Pennsylvania Dental Journal March April 2017 - Page 11

G ove r n men t Re lat ions valuable services we provide, our mission, and how we benefit our dentists, patients, and the overall quality of oral healthcare in Pennsylvania. 4) PADPAC delivers results! It’s through our advocacy efforts that PDA has built relationships that lead to successful legislative outcomes for dentists and their patients. We must to continue to protect our victories by supporting candidates who understand and support PDA. This cannot be accomplished without the support of our members. 5) The foundation for PADPAC is our members. It’s through PADPAC that members can join their peers in championing issues that directly impact the future of their profession. Please consider contributing to PADPAC today! As we gear up for the 2018 gubernatorial election, it is critical that we raise “hard dollars,” personal credit card or personal check contributions. To donate, visit or call (800) 223-0016. Pennsylvania General Assembly announces standing committee chairs for 2017-2018. The Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives announced the Republican and Democratic (minority) chairs for each its respective Standing Committees for the 2017-2018 legislative session. The following is the leadership for the Senate and House, along with leadership in the committees that directly impact PDA’s legislative priorities. Senate Republican Leadership President Pro Tempore-designee: Joe 66&F"ԦVffW'6␤VFW#R6&"6VG&R&&F26&G&6'&vR"Vvvv&FW""6V&6V7W26#&"V66"FvW'6V7W26V7&WF'&6&Bv"g&Ɩ␤6V7W2F֖7G&F#6V64ƆW"'V62Ɩ76#FfB&v"66Wƶ6VFRFV7&F2VFW'6VFW#67FBVvV璐&&F26&f6VBVvW2BFVvFvƖ2BFV6V7W26#vRfFBVvV璐6V7W26V7&WF'''f&W6RBFV6V7W2F֖7G&F#2BWB&VVFV@Ɩ76#Ɨ6&66B'FF␤W6R&WV&Ɩ6VFW'67VW"FW6vVS֖RGW'"VvV璐VFW#FfB&VVB"ԖF&&F26&7F6""Ֆ&v''7WFW""67FW"6V7W26#&7FWV"FvW'6V7W26V7&WF'F&W&FW""6&␤6V7W2F֖7G&F#W'B76W""'FV&W&BƖ76#W''&Vvfb"6VG&RW6RFV7&F2VFW'6VFW#g&FW&GBVvV璐&&F26&R&6VBVvV璐v֖RB6ƖF␤6V7W26#Fg&VBVvV璐6V7W26V7&WF'&6FVv&BBFV6V7W2F֖7G&F#VvFB66WƶƖ76#֖R7GW&B67FW"&VWfB6֗GFVR6'0U4S&fW76Ɩ6V7W&S( "&WV&Ɩ6&W&W7FCBFVv6FfRF7G&7BVvV6VG( "FV7&C&W''&VG6r3bFVv6FfRF7G&7BVvV6VGख7W&6S( &WV&Ɩ6&WF6WGBFVv6FfRF7G&7B'&Ff&B7VƗfB7W7VV6VFW2( FV7&C&WFFTV63"BVv6FfRF7G&7BVvV6VGआVF( &WV&Ɩ6&WGB&W"cFVv6FfRF7G&7B'&Ff&BGFW"BFv6VFW2( FV7&C&Wf&Fff'&"BVv6FfRF7G&7BW&R6VG4TDS&&F2( 26VF"B'&vR"bFV7&C6Vf6VBVvW2FVFvW'&涖rb7W&6R( 26VF"FvFR"CFV7&C6V6&b7G&VWBFV67VW"&FV7Fb&fW76Ɩ6V7W&R( 26VF &&W'BFƖ6"bFV7&C6VƗ6&66'FFVvW&&ff'2bW6r( 26VF"F4v'&vR"#bFV7&C6VvRfFVvV璐$4$#rT5dDTDU$