Pennoni Perspective Volume 23 • Issue 1 • Spring 2019 - Page 9

Since the firm’s inception in 1966, Pennoni has made giving time, talent, and treasure (resources) to charitable and community-based organizations a fundamental part of our culture. Peter Bellantoni (Raleigh, NC) On October 27, 2018, the Gail Parkins Memorial Ovarian Cancer Walk & 5k Run raised $250,000 to support ovarian cancer research at Duke University Medical Center. My daughter and I volunteer throughout the year for this cause/event in memory of my wife Denise. Jaime Volonakis (Plains, PA) The event was rebranded from Arts and Science Day to STEAM day to focus on engineering as well due to the generous donation from PennoniGives. It is a great event where students and professionals are brought in to demonstrate and engage the kids (K-5) in art, science, math and this year engineering fields. Last year it was an all-day event where the children cycle through different stations set up in classrooms. Each room touches on different topics they don’t hear about daily in elementary school such as physics, chemistry, portrait sketching, college math, magic, dance instruction, etc. It is a day truly enjoyed by the students and the entire school community. Jason Haynes (Haddon Heights, NJ) This photo, taken at the Global Citizen Banquet in Haddonfield, NJ, features the sophomore officers presenting a check of the money they raised to help Garang Buk Buk with his first year’s tuition. Garang, a victim of armed conflict in South Sudan, plans to use his Master’s in Development Practices to make a change in his community and country. The PennoniGIVES contribution assisted him in paying for his first year’s tuition at Emory College, and through this community’s contributions, he’s now been awarded a full ride for his second year. Jeremy Humble (Haddon Heights, NJ) Being a part of a company and organizations that believe in investing in the community are incredibly important to me and the Night to Shine event is a perfect example. Giving 130 individuals with special needs an amazing night to dance, celebrate, and know that they are loved and valued has an amazing way of bringing hope to them, their families, and everyone involved with the night. Taking part of Night to Shine is one of my favorite things all year and I’m deeply appreciative that Pennoni was able to help make the night possible for so many. PENNONI | 9