Pennoni Perspective Volume 23 • Issue 1 • Spring 2019 - Page 26

BRIDGING THE GENDER GAP IN ENGINEERING It’s a marathon, not a sprint Throughout the world women are under- represented in engineering. Encouraging young girls to pursue STEM related careers early in life will be the key to changing this fact, and the industry has already started to make small strides in the right direction. “Over the past 10 years I have already seen our industry become less male dominated. When I first became a manager at Pennoni my team was all men. Now in 2019, my team is majority women and we’ve never been busier, more collaborative, or engaged. It has been rewarding to see my senior female managers serve as role models to junior staff and teach them to be confident in themselves. Having women on our team provides us with a diverse set of perspectives needed to tackle our client’s problems. Overall there is a serious shortage of women pursuing careers in engineering. But being outnumbered doesn’t mean unwelcomed. I hope more women continue to explore STEM careers and know that jobs are out there waiting for them,” says Alan Lloyd, Associate Vice President in our Haddon Heights, NJ office. He manages four industrial hygiene groups throughout Pennoni and has noticed firsthand a change in our industry, but the industry stands to do better. 26 | P E N N O N I