Pennoni Perspective Volume 23 • Issue 1 • Spring 2019 - Page 20

Residents, in Aston Township in Southeastern Pennsylvania, were concerned about the expansion of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit due to increased traffic concerns. The existing intersection where the school is located, was a four-way, unsignalized intersection with an Average Daily Traffic (ADT) count of more than 6,500 vehicles. Six percent of the ADT are trucks in addition to more than 100 school buses each morning and afternoon. Adding a signal would have compounded the traffic problem due to the volume of buses and other traffic that would queue at a new signal. The Township turned to Pennoni to find a solution. Upon considering all options, creating a roundabout was the only viable solution to the heavily traveled corridor, while also serving as a Traffic Calming mechanism due to speeding issues along the downgrade of Birney Highway. Public meetings were held to garner community acceptance, educating them on the use of a roundabout, as many residents confused the modern-day roundabout with the old “traffic circles.” The meetings provided an opportunity to show how the roundabout would handle both the traffic volumes and various vehicle types such as buses and trucks, while also reducing accident risks. 20 | P E N N O N I