Pennoni Perspective Volume 23 • Issue 1 • Spring 2019 - Page 17

For more information on this project, please contact: Wayne Sweikert, PLS (DE) Senior Surveyor 856-656-2892 hours and on weekends. Numerous custom design elements are incorporated into the park to accommodate gatherings, concerts, art shows, markets, and other entertainment events. The pedestrian only walkway along the previous Magnolia Avenue connects the linear park system to the award-winning Third Street Trail System and welcomes pedestrians to stroll along the gateway or take a pleasant rest on one of the five custom designed large-scale shaded swings. Infrastructure accommodations (power, water, lighting, etc.) were strategically designed to facilitate a mobile stage unit for concerts, art shows, markets, and other community events. The custom surface and in-ground LED lighting system can be programmed for various events and synchronized to concert music with colors and patterns to create an energized environment. The southeast portion of the project was transformed into a second multi- functional open space for events and parking. This area is lined on the adjacent pedestrian trail with a series of custom shaded swings and a bike repair station that are illuminated at night and has already become a popular nighttime destination. Geometrically problematic Magnolia Avenue was repurposed from a vehicular corridor to a pedestrian corridor to facilitate the grand pedestrian-only trail entrance into downtown, while completing a critical downtown section of the City’s Chain of Lakes Trail network. Parking space counts were improved by strategically converting the oversized four-lane Avenue A pavement to a two-lane road, with new parking spaces. One of the most significant challenges to overcome was constructing a flat piazza event space with little curbing in a downtown environment, while providing necessary grading, drainage and pedestrian safety improvements. With the use of ribbon curbing, Miami curbing, traffic bollards, planter box barriers, and speed humps these challenges were overcome. The project design was completed in 2016, the bid was awarded to Cobb Construction with a $4.4 million construction cost, and was completed in October 2018. The project recently won the Florida Engineering Society Ridge Chapter Project of the Year. P E N N O N I | 17