Pennoni Perspective Volume 23 • Issue 1 • Spring 2019 - Page 16

Winter Haven South Central Park and STREETSCAPING IMPROVEMENTS WATCH NOW Pennoni has created a split screen video to depict stage 1 (3D laser scanning); stage 2 (3D model and visualization video of both existing and proposed features); and stage 3 (drone flythrough footage of the completed project). In downtown Winter Haven, FL, the city’s South Central Park area was recently revitalized to create a multifunctional space for public use in both daytime and nighttime. These improvements were part of Winter Haven’s comprehensive effort to expand its award-winning network of connected parks and multi-purpose trails while creating a community open area space. The area can be utilized during the weekday as a typical business-oriented urban environment, while the streets in the multiple block area can be closed with retractable bollards and converted after hours into a flat piazza event space. Detailed components include unique shaded swings, shaded bicycle repair facilities, landscaping, interactive and customizable LED surface and in- ground lighting system, decorative walls, planters, human and canine drinking fountains, custom digital interactive visitor information kiosk, and custom lithomosaic tile city logos and street nameplates embedded in walkways. economic downturn. In 2016, the City revived the project and retained Pennoni to develop a revised master plan/redesign for the improvements. The project area incorporates portions of six streets including 3rd, 4th, and 5th Streets, along with Central Avenue, Avenue A SW, and Magnolia Avenue SW. Pennoni’s design scope for South Central Park included all general civil engineering grading, drainage, roadway, landscaping, irrigation, electrical, specialty lighting, and utilities design and associated permitting. This project first began in 2008 when the City commissioned design efforts for streetscape and park improvements. The initial work was completed in 2010 but never implemented due to an The design accommodates needed parking and circulation during business hours in the downtown core, and then transforms into a large lighted piazza event space for community use after 16 | P E N N O N I Pennoni also provided 3D visualization videos and renderings to convey the redesign intent to the City and the public. Using 3D Laser Scanning, Pennoni captured existing horizontal and vertical conditions and used this data to create a point cloud which was then used to design a 3D model and subsequent flythrough video to show the proposed improvements to the public.