Pennoni Perspective Volume 22 • Issue 4 • Winter 2018/19 - Page 25

Constitution Place Utilities Watch P RO B L E M MRP Realty’s property, Constitution Place, is in Philadelphia’s Center City business district and has 187,000+ square feet of rentable space, 600 tons of chilling capacity, individual floor air handling units (AHUs), a central cooling tower, and 200 horsepower of boiler capacity. The building is conditioned by two chillers and two steam boilers located in the central plant. Each floor has a constant volume air handler which provides conditioning to the inner core of the building. After making significant lighting and HVAC updates, MRP Realty was looking for a way to continue to drive energy savings, enable their facilities team to efficiently identify any issues with the mechanical equipment, and adjust building controls to optimize energy efficiency and improve tenant comfort. S OLUTION Pennoni’s Energy division offered Utilities Watch as the answer to MRP Realty’s needs. The Building Automation System (BAS) was integrated with Utilities Watch (UW) Continuous Commissioning software platform, allowing the trending of more than 300 HVAC equipment points. In addition to the BAS points, the UW solution compiles data from additional disparate sources and locations: meters, mechanical equipment, third party applications, local weather stations, load profiles, occupancy schedules, etc. From there, our energy analysts wrote algorithms within the platform that automatically identify specific energy conservation measures (ECMs) and load management strategies that decrease energy use and cost. By analyzing comprehensive building data, our team automatically identifies ECMs at both a system level and within individual assets. Sophisticated fault detection algorithms identify when an asset is operating outside of expected, optimal efficiency specifications. Issues that typically go unnoticed for weeks or months, costing the facility money, are now diagnosed and resolved almost immediately. While gathering equipment nameplate data and sequence of operations of the building, Pennoni’s energy analysts worked alongside the building engineers to achieve substantial energy savings within the first month of implementation. ECMs implemented include: boiler set point adjustments, site zone temperature and supply air temperature set point adjustments, diagnosed sensor failures causing cooling tower fans to run unnecessarily, as well as modifying the occupancy schedules for all AHUs and main plant equipment. Utilities Watch continues to collaborate with the building engineers to identify new opportunities for savings, faulty equipment, and potential equipment failures. Our technology in conjunction with the expertise of our energy analysts/engineers gives unparalleled insight into portfolios, buildings, systems and assets. R E S U LT S During the first 10 months of deployment - MRP Reality realized more than $37,000 in electricity cost savings, an energy usage reduction of 16% compared to the previous year normalized by weather, and an increase of seven points on their Energy Star rating. With significantly less hot and cold temperature calls from tenants, Utilities Watch has empowered the building engineers to more effectively operate their building. The facilities team receives customized alerts and recommended resolutions on potential equipment issues, allowing the team to be more proactive. The alerts can be delivered through daily/ weekly emails or via a report of top sources of energy waste on a real time basis, all dependent on what MRP Realty needs at that time. Monthly kWh Consumption (Weather-Normalized) 400,000 350,000 300,000 250,000 For more information regarding our Energy solution, contact: kWh 200,000 150,000 Liz McCormick Director of Business Development, Energy Division 215-815-8156 100,000 50,000 0 Baseline ('14-'15) Current Year ('17-'18) Month Monthly baseline versus post implementation usage. Utilities Watch will provide continuation of this trend. P E N N O N I | 25