Pennoni Perspective Volume 22 • Issue 4 • Winter 2018/19 - Page 21

SOLUTION Pennoni’s Technology Solutions team developed an application, the PAR Prioritization Tool, to be used in conjunction with our custom GIS based field data collection application. Prioritized curb ramps and other supplemental datasets can be viewed with our tailored prioritization score to see what curb features should be prioritized first for full ADA com- pliance. This application has the most up to date in- formation as possible and can store reports, status updates, and documents (design, approvals, etc.) for each curb feature allowing for specific details to monitor and track progress. Our Technology Solutions experts developed a for- mula to determine what areas should be prioritized in the project pipeline process by analyzing demo- graphics, transit, ADA and walkability scores. Once calculated, this prioritization score was utilized to refine features for a prioritized rehabilitation strat- egy and helped narrow down thousands of curb ramps to several identified by work zones and coun- ty delineations. As an ESRI Silver Partner, Pennoni leveraged ESRI’s ArcGIS Online platform. The appli- cation also contains other decision-making datasets such as ongoing Capital Transportation Projects and to help select features outside of current work lim- its. R E S U LT S the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In addition to this, Del- DOT needed a system to determine the repair priority order as a part of DelDOT’s Pedestrian Access Routes Program (PAR). The PAR program facilitates the creation of new accessible pedestrian paths or converts existing non-compliant pedestrian paths to acceptable standards. To increase their efficiency in identifying non-compliant infrastruc- ture, DelDOT reached out to Pennoni to see how we might be able increase efficiency and automate their methodologies. Prior to this, DelDOT had been utilizing no direct selection system for the PAR Pro- gram and printed excel sheets for field data collection methods that were subject to the weather and other limiting factors. The application is currently being used for curb ramp and barrier inspection and work tracking. DelDOT staff work closely with Pennoni to design and implement changes at a faster rate. Data can be tracked with the application and utilized for re- porting and display via DelDOT dashboard website. Working directly within the application, DelDOT can make decisions based on the insights offered through our analysis. The insights offered could be used within an asset management tracking system. The goal is to ulti- mately update the DelDOT ADA database (for their asset management purposes) to show our changes and assist with their future planning. Pennoni is also implementing a new application for the DelDOT Planning Section to help determine which sidewalks (and missing links) should be prioritized as well. P E N N O N I | 21