Pennoni Perspective Volume 22 • Issue 4 • Winter 2018/19 - Page 19

Cities reported their stage of development in the use of data and data analytics in the following areas: Advanced Maturing Planning Have not considered 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Accessing Analyzing Providing a mix of data In the next three years, cities plan to use the following digital technologies to support their operations. CLOUD-BASED TECHNOLOGY We are seeing increasing opportunities to service clients with high quality data visualization tools that leverage the scalability and ubiquity of cloud platforms. MOBILE APPS Field work has been transformed by mobile apps. Everything from data collection to report preparation is possible through the instantaneous collection of photos, data, and other information. CITY-WIDE DATA PLATFORM Integration of a city’s data platforms take the value of any single system and multiply it. IOT/SENSORS/WEARABLES Internet of Things (IoT) and the free availability of highspeed wireless internet via 4G and 5G make wearables, and a variety of remote sensing technology solve old problems with entirely new systems and approaches. GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGY Maps are becoming the default browsing context for asset management systems. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/ MACHINE LEARNING In platforms like Roadbotics, the power of machine learning allows us to rank and prioritize the quality of road conditions by simply collecting data via video. AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY Our 3D designs can be brought to life by rendering them in gaming engines and creating truly immersive experiences that allow our clients and the public to visually ‘experience’ the impact of designs on their communities. Channel Partner Highlight: RoadBotics RoadBotics is a pavement man- agement system that identifies potential problems on the road using Artificial Intelligence. Road- way data is collected by using a standard smartphone - with Road- Botics' proprietary data collection app - placed on the windshield of any vehicle. This data is uploaded into RoadBotics’ AI platform where it is analyzed against a worldwide database of pavement distress- es. Each road is then rated based on the condition of the road sur- face. This objective rating helps prioritize road maintenance needs. RoadBotics works with several cities including Savannah, GA, and Detroit, MI, and counties like Bryan County, GA. Pennoni has partnered with Road- Botics to provide an affordable and objective solution to our munici- pal clients, enabling them to ana- lyze roads within their townships and objectively prioritize road maintenance needs, with the ability to provide an explanation on those decisions to the public as neces- sary. We also can take this data and import it into a GIS map where we can advise owners on which roads or parking facilities should be prioritized over others, and which roads will deteriorate more quick- ly. This can be done by introducing daily traffic counts, truck versus car traffic, poor subsurface drainage, etc. on any given road into the GIS. DRONES AND ROBOTS Automation in the field of data collection and documentation has changed the way we survey and establish existing conditions. P E N N O N I | 19