Pennoni Perspective Volume 22 • Issue 2 • Summer 2018 - Page 29 placement of existing buried infrastructure from the top of ground has improved significantly, allowing more accurate mapping of horizontal assets with the use of a pipe locating sound and GPS technology. Pennoni has positioned itself to use the latest technology to help meet client needs and requirements by creating partnerships with ESRI, Cityworks, and Innovyze The best asset management programs in today’s world will come through integrating digital technologies that include asset management software, GIS, digital maintenance management and work order systems, and SCADA operational data. In addition to understanding the advanced technologies of today and tomorrow, Pennoni is dedicated to helping clients of various sizes and resources with customized approaches to gaining a “toe-hold” on these innovative technologies within each client’s budgetary limitations. For more information, please contact: Thomas Frederick, PE Associate Vice President 757-296-9033 Markus Weidner Chief Innovation Officer 215-254-7888 P E N N O N I | 29