Pennoni Perspective Volume 22 • Issue 2 • Summer 2018 - Page 27

model and mapping of the RCSTP collection and conveyance system from scratch. Over the course of 12 years, the plan has been successfully implemented in its entirety to expand the capacity of East Goshen Township’s wastewater conveyance and treatment system to accommodate the potential future full build-out of the community. As the appointed Municipal Authority Engineer, Pennoni provided planning, design, modeling, permitting, and bid and construction phase services for the system capacity expansion projects from program inception through construction completion and into routine operation. Pennoni worked as a team with the Municipal Authority and Township to create and implement an enduring wastewater management solution to alleviate East Goshen Township’s previous worries about inefficiency, failure of aging critical conveyance and treatment infrastructure, development moratorium if new sewer connections became prohibited, sewer overflows, consent orders, fines, and pollution. Pennoni designed, permitted, and provided construction administration for the RCSTP upgrade which replaced the treatment system while allowing for continuity of treatment plant operation during construction. The plant upgrade was completed and became operational in 2010. Thereafter, four out of five sewer diversions were constructed per Pennoni permitting, design and construction administration between 2011- 2014, consisting of: • Closure of the LCSTP with a gravity diversion of flow to existing RCSTP sewers, • Demolition of two pump stations and diversion of flow via new gravity sewers to existing sewers, and • Re-routing of an 85,000 gpd pump station force main to connect to the RCSTP sewer drainage area. The fifth diversion has been fully designed and permitted for a new 300,000 gpd pump station to divert up to 60% of daily flow off of a gravity interceptor in a separate sewage basin and pump it approximately 8,500 linear feet to the RCSTP sewage basin. The pump station is shovel- ready for bid and construction when the flow in the respective sewage drainage area hits the 1 mgd limit of the inter-municipal agreement with the neighboring municipality into which that wastewater is currently conveyed. Pennoni has also assisted the Township with an aggressive inflow and infiltration (I&I) reduction program that has eliminated a significant amount of clean water entering the sewers, including a thorough portable and permanent metering program, CCTV inspections, and smoke testing. Repairs have included manhole replacements, cured-in-place manhole lining, spray-on manhole lining, cured-in-place pipelining, raising manholes in floodplains, new waterproof manhole lids, lateral repairs, and a residential sump pump inspection and sewer disconnection program. The I&I reduction has decreased operating costs and freed up even more capacity. The comprehensive system upgrades have eliminated previously occurring sanitary sewer overflows. Maintenance burdens have been reduced with the replacement of the aging treatment plant and pump stations, and there has been a reduction of the cost of treating water via I&I reductions. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of East Goshen Township, the Municipal Authority and Pennoni, East Goshen is now prepped for a bright future of continued commercial, institutional and residential prosperity and environmental preservation — without critical sewer limitations standing in their way. For more information, please contact: Michael Ellis, PE Division Manager 302-351-5236 P E N N O N I | 27