Pennoni Perspective Volume 22 • Issue 2 • Summer 2018 - Page 25

Pennoni Appoints Water/ Wastewater Director Tom Frederick Thomas Frederick, PE, has joined Pennoni as an Associate Vice President and the firm’s Director of Water/Wastewater Practice. Tom, who most recently served as Deputy General Manager for a public water utility organization, will lead our vision and strategy for water/wastewater services. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Tom will implement business development initiatives, deliver quality projects timely and efficiently, and continue to develop the firm’s existing strategic relationships. In line with our smart cities initiative, Tom will integrate other Pennoni services that are changing the water/wastewater sector such as energy, sensor technology, and asset management. “My first few months at Pennoni have been extremely rewarding,” stated Tom. “The available talent and experience here across the different aspects of water/wastewater services has exceeded what I previously expected, top management support for innovation has been exceptional, and relationships within the firm have been easy to develop and sustain. Most of my career has been as an owner, where the question was ‘Does this technology apply to my utility?’ Now the relevant question is ‘What client or prospect can benefit from this technology?’ This new personal paradigm shift is challenging and refreshing and keeps me current. Especially in the wastewater industry, we are living in a time of significant change, from shortcuts in nitrogen removal to “net zero” energy and sustainability, and this is an exciting time to be in this business”. Many experts believe that lack of water will be the 21st century’s biggest urban challenge. As science better understands sustainability, and the population keeps growing, the availability of clean water will not meet the increasing demand without further action. As Tom puts it, “These are very interesting times to be helping clients meet demands for clean water. The challenges include more stringent regulations, aging infrastructure, financial pressures, increasing public awareness and expectations, constraints on water supplies, and population growth and environmental effects of land development. Opportunities include advancement in water reuse, extracting energy and resources from wastewater, advancing treatment techniques and equipment that include short cuts in nutrient removal as well as better membrane and adsorption technologies, and smart use of digital technology across a broad spectrum of opportunities from modeling to geographic, assets, customer, and maintenance management system to use of social media. Client needs are related yet each is unique: understanding the challenges and finding the optimal opportunities for those challenges is quite exciting.” P E N N O N I | 25