PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 96

'-&9*#-& 40-65*0/4 '03 "/: "5.041)&3& A meriflex, Inc.® provides flexible solutions from conceptual design, prototypes to mainstream production and operates on a simple philosophy based on Integrity, Service, and uality. Our commitment to this philosophy is put into practice on a daily basis in the manufacture of our precision bellows, flanges, and other quality products. With the latest in technologies we supply a wide range of industries ranging from Semi Conductor, Medical, Oil/Gas, Food and Beverage and Automotive. Our bellows and expansion joints are designed to absorb and reduce 96 PECM Issue 23 vibration and relieve structural stress from working under pressure, extreme temperatures, and other variables. We speciali e in thinwall bellows. We also offer the highest quality metal braided flex hose in the industry. Our braided hose is designed for high pressure applications. It provides the protection needed for the inner convoluted hose to withstand high pressure and for vacuum or partial pressure applications requiring protection from hazards. Our stainless steel braided hose can be found on NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover, on still-in-development commercial spacecraft, and in countless other applications. Also produced is a full line of bellows assemblies to complement our metal bellows. We manufacture bolt-style and clamp-style bellows assemblies, flanges, valve assemblies, and expansion joints. Every bellows assembly we make is ultrasonically cleaned prior to welding, and helium leak tested after to ensure weld integrity and defect-free construction. 2390 ailroad treet orona Tel: 951 737-5557 www.ameri e .net 92880