PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 91

The IBT system allows enclosures, junction boxes, lighting outlets and other installation components to be fixed into the formwork into which the liquid concrete will be poured. without the need for special grommets. Conventional housings do not have such a seal, so if used in a precast panel, a sealing arrangement would have to be fitted insitu, a difficult and costly process. They are secured in place either by magnetic couplings for metal formwork, or by patented support spars for timber formwork. Conduit is fitted as required to accommodate the wiring and then the concrete is poured in. Once set, the formwork is removed and the panels are ready for shipment to site. The IBT products are made from halogen-free, high-temperature resistant material which is designed for a long, trouble-free life. The range available in a wide range of sizes. With more and more projects now requiring extra low voltage (ELV) transformers for LED lighting, loudspeakers and network communications cables, Spelsberg has also developed the complementary IBTronic range. A key element of the IBT system is the integral sealing, which prevents concrete fines from getting inside the electrical components. This uses a patented diaphragm system which, after the conduit is inserted, returns to its original position and provides strain relief and sealing The IBT system has already been used in a wide range of buildings including prisons, schools, hotels, offices and residential buildings. It is now increasingly recognised for its potential to reduce installation time and save overall build costs. “Space for you” Spelsberg’s company philosophy is based around the idea of providing flexibility and freedom to its customers. The space provided within each junction box; the large distribution and warehousing space; and the freedom to customise almost any product, irrespective of quantity, all equates to “Space for you”.