PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 80

TRENDS IN MICROSCOPY GT ision is the UK’s largest independent microscope supplier and manufacturer with over 20,000 microscope installations across the UK alone. With this experience of products from all major manufacturers and a program of rigorous microscope and camera testing, we have a unique insight into the latest trends in microscopy and camera technology. There are two optical methods of obtaining images of features at high magnification, one is to use a conventional microscope and add a camera to it and the other is to use a digital microscope which is a microscope with the camera built-in. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages a few of which are outlined below. d anta es o addin a camera to a microscope: 1) All the features of the microscope are preserved. For example, the 3D visual image delivered by a stereo microscope, essential for many inspection, assembly and repair tasks. 2) You can select the best camera for the job and one that fits your budget. Example important choices are a. Image output eg USB, HDMI, WiFi or SD. b. Image resolution to 1.3- 0 MP. c. You can select a camera that is supplied or compatible with the best software for your job. d. You can select a camera with the best quality sensor (incredibly important for image quality and often overlooked). e. You may want to attach a camera with a built-in screen, SD card storage and optionally a USB output to the computer. (These cameras, once seen, are by far, the camera of choice in our experience. 0% of all cameras GT ision have supplied in the last 1 months have been this type, the image quality is simply stunning). 3) You can change the camera when the technology is outdated, without having to change the entire microscope. i ital microscopes ad anta es: a e a di erent set o 1) Many basic types are very low cost. Some are semi-portable i.e. handheld but nearly all are still tethered’ by the USB lead. 3 They are all-in-one’ and therefore appealing and simple to use. With good manufacturers this is an advantage because the quality of the optics is maintained and High Speed USB3 Microscopy Camera 80 PECM Issue 23 A Portable Digital Microscope Monozoom Microscope with WiFi camera the quality of the built-in camera is also reasonable – for cheaper makes this absolutely is not the case 4) Very few are truly portable, untethered and with batteries. T e reatest disad anta es o di ital microscopes are: 1) Unable to upgrade the camera when out of date or unsupported. 2) The quality and functionality of the optics often can be rather limiting. 3) The choice of stands and illumination, in many cases is a choice of one stand and one type of illumination. ut or: ob Town ana in irector T www. t ision td Camera with built-in display & measurement software ‘GXCAM HiCHrome MET’