PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 77

The coil shop uses its own in-house facilities to draw and anneal the base copper before manufacturing the insulated copper strips. This enables very short production schedules, especially since the shop runs 24 hour shifts, if necessary, and new coils are air-freighted to the customer after passing all of the inspections and electrical tests. Danny Fox, Business Manager, Formed Coil Manufacturing at Sulzer, explains: "The new coils for M&M were created by looping the copper strip to form a full size coil. It was then carefully shaped to the exact dimensions of the stator. Our looping machines have the capacity to produce 5 meter long diamond coils and we also have the capacity to press slot sections of up to 6 meters in length on our half bars, meaning the entire bar length can be anything up to 7-8 meters including their overhangs." "A high degree of automation and the continuous qual ity control checks throughout the processes ensure that each and every coil is formed to exactly the right size and shape. The design also includes a precision-built mock-up of a section of the stator, which is used to double-check the final fit of every coil before it is shipped to the client." Ulises Osuna, Technical Manager for M&M Bobinados Industriales, commented: "We have been involved with the manufacture and installation of high voltage coils for over 45 years and the coils we received from Sulzer were the best coils we have ever installed. The improvements in the design have certainly reduced the installation time as well as improving the efficiency of the generator, which makes the coils very cost effective for the client." Following this project, Sulzer is hoping to work closely with M&M and provide technical expertise as well as manufacturing capacity to the Colombian market. At last year's ACOLGEN exhibition, which was organized by the Colombian Association of Electric Power Generators, Sulzer and M&M shared a stand in order to promote the benefits of this partnership. In this way, it is anticipated that other clients can also benefit from the turnkey services offered by both Sulzer and M&M, including faster delivery times. Issue 23 PECM 77