PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 76

Sulzer is the leading worldwide, independent service provider for large rotating equipment. Only The Best For Colombian Generator Repair esigning and manufacturing high voltage coils for large generators and motors requires precision, experience and sometimes, a little assistance from a similarly skilled company. So, when a Colombian coil manufacturer needed to outsource a complete set of new windings it approached Sulzer. The redesigned coils received the greatest compliment and the customer stated that they were the best quality coils they had ever seen and installed. D M&M Bobinados Industriales has over 45 years' experience in providing a complete refurbishment service for generators and electric motors, including the replacement and subsequent testing of new windings. 76 PECM Issue 23 Based in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, the company offers a complete service for generator and motor repairs including balancing and electrical testing. As part of a recent project, M&M called on the design and manufacturing expertise of Sulzer's Service Center in Birmingham, UK, to produce 160 new, large coils for an 11,000 kVA generator. Benny Hinchliffe, Head of International Operations at Sulzer UK, explains: "Our coil shop is supported by an expert design team that can analyze the original coil design and apply the latest insulation technology to produce a much more efficient coil. In this case M&M completed one of our datasheets and also sent one of the original coils to the UK so we could double-check every dimension." Having ascertained the required dimensions of the finished coil, Sulzer's designers created a 3D computer model of the coil and, by introducing the latest insulation materials, were able to redesign the coil while increasing the volume of copper by 12%. This increase in copper effectively improved the efficiency of the generator by a similar figure. The new design was also created for a 'best-fit' which would eliminate the need for side packers in the stator slots, making installation quicker and easier.