PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 74

VERSADRIVE IMPACTA-DRILLTAPS M5-M12 TM VERSADRIVETM CARBIDEMAX TCT HOLESAWS WITH COUNTERSINK VERSADRIVETM CARBIDEMAX TCT HOLESAW “CUTTING TOOL INNOVATION SPEED UP METALWORKING” Holemaker Technology HoleMaker Technology (HMT) manufacture and distribute cutting tools for improved metal working and fabrication. The revolutionary HMT product range is creating a buzz in the market with innovative design plus endurance and speed advantages over traditional methods.HMT was founded in late 2013 by brothers, Piers, and Hugh Crane and now has a network of over 100 resellers in the UK and Europe. Director Piers Crane said... “My brother and I have been involved in the metalworking and industrial supply marketplace for a combined 18 years, and we kept being asked for products that simply were not available. Overwhelmingly, these requests were about making or modifying the holes that connect metal components together. Following intensive market research, we launched HMT dedicated to this area, with the vision to be the leading brand of fabricators cutting tools”. 74 PECM Issue 23 “Agencies like Growthaccelerator and MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) have really helped us in practical areas like CAD tool design as well as grant funding for the R&D projects.” In addition to the new Versadrive products, the HMT product range also has three main pillars which are Fabrication Reamers, CarbideMax TCT Broaching Cutters, and Impact Tapping products. Latest HMT products include the groundbreaking VersaDrive Cutting tool range optimised for use with both portable site tools as well as workshop equipment. Versadrive tools are specially hardened and coated to give up to 6X the working life of traditional cutting tools and are designed to work with the linear torque of a standard impact wrench, as well as rotary power tools. Business Development Manager Hugh Crane explains – “the great thing about the Versadrive cutting tools is, the guy on site or in the workshop, can use this product in any drill with a chuck, or quickly slot it into an impact wrench, magnet drill, or pillar drill when the job changes.” This gives increased safety as well as speed, resulting in better value for the customer. For dealers, the Versadrive system allows them to sell one stock item for multiple applications, allowing a lower overall stockholding. For example, the Versadrive ImpactaTap can be used as a hand tap or machine tap as well as an Impact Tap. support is very important “ Technical to HMT; we believe in helping the end user optimise the tool’s performance. So we’re actively promoting best practice and safe working with video demonstrations, digital user instructions, and training visits. ” “It’s brilliant to be working with some of the great names of British industry like BAE Systems, Cammell Laird, and Portakabin.”