PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 60

Facilities Management Highly Chemically Resistant Lining for Ineos Salt Owner: Ineos Salt, Runcorn Specialist Contractor: Thelwell Flooring Limited Materials Consultants: NCC Products Used: Atako ATB-300 RC System Contact: David Mackay Tel: 01257 266696 Website: I neos Salt is the UK’s largest manufacturer of vacuum salt based products, which are all produced at their dedicated plant in Runcorn, Cheshire. These salt products include domestic and catering food salts, water softening salts, animal feed salts, de-icing salts, and salts for use in many other different industrial and chemical processes. The plant engineers were building a new reinforced concrete chemical storage tank farm as a secure secondary containment and ground water protection area. They wanted a highly chemically resistant lining system to protect all of the horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces from any possible salt penetration and also to resist all of the many other different chemicals that could be stored in the tanks for use in the wide range of Ineos production processes. Applying ATB-300 Vinyl Ester Resin Flooring System for Chemical Containment Areas at Inneos Salt NCC also work with many different Process Engineering industries every day, all around the UK and ROI, enabling our customers to obtain solutions to complex problems in bund and containment area lining (primary and secondary), resin flooring, tanking and concrete repairs on both new and refurbishment projects. Worried about overheating this summer? Keep cool with EcoCooling evaporative cooling solutions. Low Cost Industrial Cooling 90% less running cost than AC | Up to 80% less capital cost | Simple and low cost maintenance requirements | Easy to retrofit | Low Energy Single phase | Natural cooling using evaporative cooling | No refrigerants | 35kW of cooling for 1.5kW of energy | Comfortable Conditions Supply temperatures of less than 25°C even on the hottest days | Comfortable conditions for staff | Fresh air system | Safe and Simple Solutions NCC working as Materials Consultant and Distributors to the specialist contractors, Thelwell Flooring Limited was able to define and then successfully and durably meet all of the project requirements using the Atako ATB-300 RC System. This extremely resistant vinyl ester resin based coating system was applied to all of the prepared horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, including the floor and walls, plus all of the plinths and upstands in the whole of the new bunded secondary containment area for the tank farm. The special vinyl ester resins that are used for the ATB-300 RC System provide extremely high resistance to a wide range of aggressive materials, and also provide very good mechanical resistance to abrasion and wear, including at both high and low temperatures. 60 PECM Issue 23 Quick installation | Flexible product ranges | Spot cooling | Mobile products available | Retrofit to existing AHU intake | Proven Technology Over 3500 installations worldwide | Case studies online | Clients include: Cummins Diesel, Decathalon, Diageo, Premier Foods, Nestle, Borg Warner Turbo Systems, Rolls Royce, Net-a Porter | +44 (0)1284 810586