PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 59

In that time, WEG has supplied Boulting with over 100 motors, rated from 55 kW up to 900 kW. Many of these have been from the W22 range, which covers frame sizes from IEC 63 to 355A/B and can deliver between 0.12 and 500 kW; offering high levels of productivity and reliability in an industry that requires minimal downtime. For more specialist applications, the W22 range can supplied with increased levels of ingress protection, up to IP66, as well as being specified for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. For this particular project, WEG supplied three W50 IE4 super premium efficiency motors as the most efficient solution for the pump drives. Operating at 96.9% efficiency, they can play a key role in significantly reducing energy costs at water pumping facilities. At the same time, the robust, reliable design also helps to reduce operational costs, minimise downtime and drive up operational reliability. Improved pump station performance With new pump impellers, gearboxes, drives and the WEG motors – all being 900 kW motors with IP55 protection – the facility has been upgraded from its existing 400 megalitres per day capacity to 750 megalitres per day, with an efficiency increase from 80% to 86%. Suction lift capacity has also been increased from 3.6m to 3.9m. Control of the plant is facilitated by new Boulting-designed pump system operation (PSOp) software, implemented on a SCADA system and local PLCs. The PSOp software continuously monitors and optimises pump speed to achieve the required performance and greatest energy efficiency, running the number of pumps that are required at any given time and at the optimum speed. The control software has improved operation of the plant significantly. For example, in conjunction with some mechanical modifications, the priming time has been reduced from a stately four hours to a significantly swifter five minutes. At the same time, the capability for remote operation means there is no longer the requirement to start up the system and operate the facility on site, eliminating a number of time consuming operations. Innovative solution With its improved efficiency and reliability, Littleton pumping station has been transformed into one of the most modern and innovative in the UK. At the same time, Boulting Pump Management was keen to address the aesthetics of the project, so that as much of the original character of the facility as possible was retained. This approach and the resulting improvements led to the company being awarded the Pump Centre Project of the Year award 2015. Boulting was able to complete the upgrade in almost half the anticipated time scale, delivering what Thames Water had expected to be a two year upgrade in just 13 months. Most importantly, thanks to Boulting's innovative design and WEG's energy efficient motors, the upgrade has delivered on all of the performance objectives, driving energy savings in excess of 4.9 million kilowatt hours with associated cost savings in the order of £½ million, which will go towards the next round of refurbishment projects. A global major in the power distribution, automation and control sectors, WEG has just celebrated its 50th birthday.