PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 52

Electrical & Electronics New ETA Enclosures 2016 Product Overview Brochure ot o the press for 01 is a new page product overview brochure from TA Enclosures UK Limited. This new, easy to navigate publication shows T s range of ex-stock enclosure products and thermal management solut ions and it is the ideal user friendly tool from which to select in stock products for quick no delay delivery. Products featured are: Boxes in Mild teel, tainless teel and olyester Cabinets in Mild and tainless teel Desks Consoles in Mild and tainless teel C Cabinets in Mild teel Outdoor Cabinets in Mild teel and luminium Including new products M tainless nclosure ystems boxes tainless teel uspension teel Terminal and rms and ush button Die-cast Aluminium Boxes All products are available in standard format to a comprehensive range of sizes but custom modifications to the customer s specific requirements are also available on a quick turn round basis. For further information or to request your free copy of T s new 2016 roduct Overview Brochure call our sales office on 01 0 3 30, E-mail or log onto Silicone Gaskets now standard on all ETA Stainless Steel Enclosures. Continual investment in product development and improvement now sees the complete line up of T nclosures tainless teel range of free standing cabinets and boxes fitted with ilicone askets as tandard. Most competitors only offer this type of gasket protection on a limited number of their product range. leader in enclosure development and manufacture T is one of the first manufacturers to comprehensively offer this improved sealing gasket which ensures protection to I 6 providing high resistance to various chemicals and extreme weather conditions. This new ilicone asket offers a closed cell structure that is less water absorbing thus providing the very best in protection for critical internal components. For further information request your free copy of our tainless teel solutions brochure by calling 01 0 3 30 or log on to 52 PECM Issue 23 Product Overview - 2016 Mild Steel Stainless Steel Polyester Aluminium Boxes Boxes Boxes Out Door Cabinets Cabinets Cabinets Junction Boxes Desks/Consoles Desks/Consoles Suspension Arms PC Cabinets Suspension Arms Out Door Cabinets Standard | Modified | Special