PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 5

VERLINDE: The leading French manufacturer and exporter of lifting and handling equipment with a constantly upgraded range of 30 series of lifting equipment to handle loads from 60 to 250,000 kg. ISO 9001 quality assurance certified and ISO 14001 EMS certified (environment management system). In France, Verlinde operates through a sales network, a distributor network, after sales facilities and with travelling crane manufacturers. The EUROPONT network covers France, Belgium and Holland. A Verlinde advisory service is also available in 92 nations around the world. STAGEMAKER motors lower the beam on which lighting, microphones, cameras or video projectors used for the performance will be fixed to place them at the right height when required. Using this equipment, adjustments or modifications are fast and easy. Lastly, disassembly by the technical team after performances is very much faster resulting in improved profits for the producer!” STAGEMAKER SR10, a well thought out decision Filip Van Vlem: “We have worked closely with VERLINDE for many, many years, both for our rentals business and for the studio equipment business and from time to time we suggest improvements that are integrated in the development of products. Safety is decisive for us because equipment placed in the arched supports by the motors are just above performers, presenters and the public. We can take no risks whatsoever. Le STAGEMAKER SR10, with its lifting capacity of up to 1 tonne, is the first guarantee, backed by the double lifting brake, the torque limiter and the electric limit switch, safety features we consider indispensable. For our operations, hoist speed is not a decisive factor. On the other hand, motors must run smoothly, with or without load, to ensure that equipment fixed on the arched support is not subjected to jerking. As for the control of motors, we have standardized the type of control panel, there also for the question of safety. We can control motors individually or by groups just by pressing a single button.” STAGEMAKER above the performance. Collaboration between VERLINDE and AED goes back a long way and is based on a mutual awareness of needs with an ongoing concern for quality and for the provision of reliable equipment. Since STAGEMAKER motors were installed in the Lint studios, they have operated above the filming of “Iron Sky”, “A quiet passion”, “Aéroport” and the following TV series: “Belgium’s Got Talent”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Wouf”. The arched supports of the studios are only their birthplace, that’s for sure! AED Rent and VERLINDE, partners full of confidence. The partnership between the two companies is highlighted by the figures that speak for themselves. Currently, motors SR1 (250kg), SR5 (500kg) and SR10 (1 tonne) are available at AED Rent (delivered in compliance with D8+ requirements) and if VRH/PHD manual hoists are included there are more than 5000 VERLINDE products in stock at AED Rent. Issue 23 PECM 5