PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 42

Electrolytic weld cleaners like Fusion Clean pass an electric current through a cleaning fluid which has been applied to the metal. How to save time B and money on stainless steel weld cleaning ecause welds are more susceptible to corrosion if they are left uncleaned, it’s good practice to always clean your welds. There are several techniques, but the relatively new boy on the block, electrolytic weld cleaning, is by far the most effective. There are many ways to save time and money for your business without compromising on quality. But did you realise you could be wasting precious resources on weld-cleaning techniques that are both inefficient and poor quality? The traditional method for post-weld cleaning uses pickling paste. This corrosive substance erodes the top layer of the weld, leaving a completely clean surface below. Get the timings right, and it s fine. But get the timings wrong and you could weaken your weld, or even worse, end up with thin patches or holes in the metal. And not that, but pickling paste takes several hours to work and can be very dangerous. In contrast, electrolytic cleaning works immediately on cooled stainless steel welds, providing instantaneous results. And there’s no chance of weakening your weld. Why Because it works in a completely different way. Unlike pickling paste, which strips away the top layer, electrolytic weld cleaning actually restores stainless steel to its original shiny state. Electrolytic weld cleaners like Fusion Clean pass an electric current through a cleaning fluid which has been applied to the metal. The fluid, which is a mild electrolyte, allows 42 PECM Issue 23 the the current to dissolve any non-metallic substance, completely removing rust, blemishes and weld burn. And because Inverter Fusion’s cleaning fluid will not affect the steel without a current, you can be secure knowing that you have complete control over the process. Not only does the electrolytic cleaning process restore the steel to its original state, it also significantly decreases the likelihood of future corrosion. Electrolytic processes are also much safer and more environmentally friendly. Pickling paste is a combination of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid and can not only cause serious burns, but also serious lung problems, dangers which are often overlooked. If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality cleaning machine, look no further than Inverter Fusion’s Fusion Clean. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the machine comes with a comprehensive three year warranty. ‘The Fusion Clean is the most sturdy, well built machine we have come across. Nothing compares to the price, quality and ease of use,’ commented Dom at Water Blades Us. ‘We found ourselves using less fluid, fewer passes over the welds and found over a batch of parts a saving on time.’ For more information visit, or call 01404 549791.