PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 4

100 Verlinde Stagemaker Motors Operated By AED Studios Lint, Belgium or their ceiling grid equipment, AED’s audiovisual studios were recently equipped with 100 VERLINDE STAGEMAKER SR10 motors to simplify assembly and disassembly operations for shows. F AED group caters for the needs of international players in the audiovisual sector and the realm of live performances both by renting out and selling standardized products embracing the techniques of sound, lighting, image projection and the lifting of stage equipment and by the letting of a complex of fully operational studios for cinema, television and event productions. 4 PECM Issue 23 A studio complex in the heart of Belgium AED at Lint, near Antwerp, runs one of Europe’s largest audiovisual production complexes. Covering a surface area of 25,000 m2, the company rents out 16,000m2 of studios, 4,000m2 of offices and can supply any postproduction equipment or facilities required by cinema or TV teams. The company is very attached to its industrial heritage. In the entrance hall, for the benefit of customers and visitors, are exhibited audiovisual and stage equipment tracing the history of techniques in the industry. Using state-ofthe-art museography, it displays lamps, cameras, microphones, mixing desks, image projectors and for the lifting section, the display of Verlinde motors used by AED over many decades, like the first manual screw hoist (1858), the first L104 motor, the LITACHAIN LI5, the STAGEMAKER SM10 range and finally the latest generation of the STAGEMAKER SR line with the SR10. 100 STAGEMAKER SR10 motors at the service of audiovisual productions. Filip Van Vlem, AED Communication Director, declares: “Energy economy is a major concern for us and the integration of photovoltaic panels in our studios’ roof structures goes hand in hand with the use of STAGEMAKER hoist motors for ceiling grids. They replace energy consuming lifting trucks while providing flexibility, eff