PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 33

The portable and reliable fans and blowers are both safe and suitable for use in confined spaces. Tough fans for tough jobs VAF Air, together with their sister company, Miniveyor Products Ltd M L , are specialist suppliers of confined space equipment to a diverse industry base globally and has been involved in the supply of vane axial fans to the European market since the mid 1 0 s. ow the Miniveyor ir and VAF Air range of blowers, fans and ventilators has been established as a leading brand worldwide. Designed with a twin wall, rotationally moulded fan body, made from high density polythene, means the products can absorb bangs frequently experienced with industrial use, eliminating costly maintenance procedures. Conventional metal bodied fans ding and dent easily, and typically don t last very long in the workplace. The plastic moulded fans from VAF Air are highly resistant so they can last a much longer time. Additionally, all of the parts are replaceable so if anything does get damaged then they can be changed easily.” The portable and reliable fans and blowers are both safe and suitable for use in confined %FTJHOFEXJUIBUXJOXBMM  SPUBUJPOBMMZNPVMEFE GBOCPEZ NBEFGSPN IJHIEFOTJUZQPMZUIFOF  NFBOTUIFQSPEVDUT DBOBCTPSCCBOHT GSFRVFOUMZFYQFSJFODFE XJUIJOEVTUSJBMVTF  FMJNJOBUJOHDPTUMZ NBJOUFOBODFQSPDFEVSFT spaces. Where fumes, smells or dust occur, the axial fans can extract contaminated air out of the building, and blow fresh, clean air into a workspace. The VAF series range has recently been extended with the introduction of the VAF-200C Canister blower. Based on F ir s popular VAF-200, the compact VAF-200C is ideal for confined space ventilation and fume extraction and benefits from a, simple to attach, Duct Canister that neatly clips onto the fan body and houses 7.5 metres of flexible duct. Designed for manhole work, it is great for telecoms or utilities contractors that have limited storage space in service vehicles and can be carried to the job site with ease. For work areas where an intrinsically safe solution is required then the air driven, VAF-300P pneumatic fan is the answer, coupled with tatic Conductive flexible ducting, can provide , 00m per hour air flow. The F 00 is supplied with a mounted filter, regulator and lubricator unit. The offering from F ir is increasing over the coming months with new product introductions that will provide greater capacity and airflows as well as personnel cooling solutions. The specialist ventilator company have recently obtained a bigger presence in the U , after the establishment of a new warehouse and office in Miami. This expansion is a testament to their prominence in the industry, and the company are set to continue with this incredible growth through the advancement of product lines and the acquirement of new associations across the globe. For more information on F ir s innovative equipment, contact the company today. Visit us online at Or call 0 330 01 000 Issue 23 PECM 33