PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 21

8IBUNPSFDPVMEZPVXBOUGSPNB3VCCFS4VQQMJFS Technical competence Camberley Rubber have succeeded where others have failed. They have genuinely achieved remarkable things for their customers ngineering support Engineering experts work with you to achieve your objective – be it a very straightforward part or a complex feat of rubber engineering Capacity & equipment Camberley Rubber know what their customers want and they consistently deliver it Quality accreditation Camberley Rubber have stringent quality procedures and are I O 001 200 certified Industry experience Four decades in the rubber manufacturing industry doesn t happen by accident. Capability With a team of experienced experts and a facility to be proud of, Camberley Rubber Mouldings has the capability to achieve your objective Trustworthy Accustomed to working on sensitive projects they understand the importance of discretion and would never disclose confidential information The work force of skilled, experienced Engineers gives Camberley Rubber the capacity to offer flexible solutions, optimising materials, tooling and process to deliver cost effective solutions. A ordability Cheap doesn t mean good. Camberley ubber concentrate on delivering top quality rubber mouldings at a price that is affordable and fair Recommended Approved suppliers for numerous famous brands and market leading blue chip companies from around the world If you have a new pro ect, or need reliable and cost e ective sources for a current product, please contact Camberley ubber Mouldings Ltd. Tel 0 1 330 00 mail sales Issue 23 PECM 21