PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 14

Less historic uck products include this year s new uck 12. mm diameter Magna Lok® which has been designed as a versatile, hole filling blind fastener. s well as having a wide grip range that can handle wide variations in joint thickness, the Magna Lok has 60 internal locking technology that mechanically locks the pin to the sleeve. The structural blind rivet expands during installation, filling the hole and providing resistance to liquid penetration. Then there is BobTail®, one of uck s latest fasteners. With no pintail to break off there is no wastage, therefore less opportunity for corrosion and no pin tails rolling around the production line. Installation is fast and crucially for the factory floor it s much quieter to install. The BobTail is a permanent, mechanically locked fastener. It is used widely in the rail sector, however the standard flanged, carbon steel 10.9 grade pin and collar enables its use in commercial chassis applications. The BobTail is quick, easy and consistent to install out-performing traditionally used nuts and bolts, we re told. Other key developments for tar Fasteners include a coloured encapsulated Hucktainer®. This again is controlled in house and is produced in a UV stable polymer in a huge variety of colours specified by customers. The firm can also supply a myriad of other fastener brands such as Recoil®, Marson®, Avdel® and cell it® among others, and works with a variety of customers, 14 PECM Issue 23 from distributors to manufacturers – particularly in the rail sector and commercial bodybuilding market. tar s product range is always evolving to meet the changing needs of the market. tar Fasteners itself has wasted no time in embracing the latest I O 001 201 uality Management tandard. eeping up with and sometimes ahead of the international standards and expectations is now part and parcel of the distribution sector. mith explains Distribution has changed over the years. The business is constantly evolving and it s not really showing any signs of slowing.” tarbuck adds It s hard to imagine, but we started with hand written delivery notes on carbon paper But we couldn t cope without our system now. “Traceability is a very big deal, some customers require in-depth information about materials right through to the plating process. Customers are looking to hold less stock and so require next day delivery; we hold the stocks for them. You need to look after your customers.” mith says Customers, particularly the large ones, ask that we deliver their orders in an environmentally responsible way – so more bulk orders and fewer small ones to help reduce the environmental impact. “Our customers still like to be able to speak to a person if they need to. upport, assurance and solutions are part of the tar Fasteners brand we have many years fasteners experience. Aside from the changing distribution game, tar Fasteners clearly thrives on the challenges thrown its way. ou never switch off and we re not too big or too busy to work on smaller pro ects. We ve had all kinds turn up in our car park: Fairground rides, classic cars…we even had an old double decker bus where a customer had pulled the handrail off and they wanted us to supply a fastener to fix it. mall pro ects are ust as exciting to us as the big ones. We re not a one stop shop we are a specialist fastener distributor. We don t do standard nuts and bolts, we don t get into that. But never say never if it s good for our customers and we can make it work for us then you never know what the future holds.” There are fresh challenges ahead for fastener firms to get to grips with, whether it s working with those increasingly popular lightweight panels or working with the burgeoning renewables sector, in solar panels and wind turbines. There are new fixing solutions to be designed it s all moving forward, tarbuck concludes. It s a good business to be in and every day is different. Twitter and Instagram: @StarFasteners first seen in Torque Magazine