PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 13

But fill it, tar Fasteners did. Director icola mith tells Torque: “Moving here has opened up the possibilities. Most of the staff came with us and we value them. You have to look after them.” Aside from being able to squeeze in more product, the added space has given tar Fasteners room to develop an all new offering powder coating. Coloured heads are becoming more popular, with manufacturers increasingly keen to use fasteners with heads that match their livery. mith adds There s a practical benefit in terms of corrosion resistance. Vehicles obviously are driven in all weathers and the powder coating is great for longevity and salt spray protection.” The high quality polyester powder coating produces a maintenance-free, hardwearing finish that is resistant to yellowing and fading over time. reviously, tar contracted out powder coating, but that inevitably had pitfalls. If a big order came through we d inevitably be at the back of the queue, which is understandable, but not ideal for us,” says tarbuck. There were other obstacles too. Bringing it inhouse was the only way around it. ow we re in control of our own timescales and can turn an order around for delivery very quickly.” Not that powder coating is a simple matter. Temperature is a key consideration it s as vulnerable as eggshell if you get the process wrong. Because it is in-house any issues that we had previously encountered have been practically eliminated and 1,000 is the ideal minimum to work with, but once you ve had an initial order there is room for manoeuvre. We can colour match to our customers requirements and our personal service means that we can supply whatever colour the customer wants.” Star Fasteners offer a comprehensive tool service tar Fasteners offer a comprehensive tool service, something it has done virtually since day one. The company stocks new tools and related consumables and also offers hire, repairs and servicing. Magna-Lok® X Section It s generally hydro pneumatic tools that are used to install these fasteners there s a lot of force required so it s important they are maintained and serviced regularly.” The firm undertakes regular tool servicing for customers, taking care of repairs to keep production lines rolling, fasteners installed correctly and to help them adhere to their health and safety obligations. tar Fasteners like to keep abreast of the latest technology and products so did plenty of research to find an environmentally friendly parts washer We didn t want to be handling drums of harmful chemicals. The unit reuses its cleaning fluid and you ust have to top it up.” Hucktainer® X Section Companies can hire thei r entire fleet of tools from tar Fasteners or can lease out just one If a tool develops a fault or requires servicing, that can be a serious obstacle for a business – we can step in and provide service loan tools.” uck is central to the tar Fasteners business. We are the U s largest uck fastener distributor. We do a lot of business in Europe and worldwide as far afield as China.” Huck, owned by Arconic Fastening ystems and ings Ltd, has been working with tar on new applications – often in the context of more problem solving for customers. While the design of Huck has evolved, the original products are still available – with all Huck fasteners sporting the trademark la y branding. BobTail® X Section Issue 23 PECM 13