PECM Issue 23 2016 - Page 11

Editors Choice FLUX presents the first brushless battery motor to drive pumps. More than just pumps With the FBM-B 3100, FLUX UK presents the world’s first brushless battery motor for pumps. The motor is designed for the small sealless COMBIFLUX drum pump. In combination with the pump, the motor provides a delivery rate which is extraordinary for this type of pump and guarantees the highest possible degree of flexibility in operation. Depending on the pump variant, flow rates of 12 to 60 litres per minute can be adjusted with the stepless speed adjustment. For example, at the highest speed, a 200 litre drum can be emptied within just three minutes. Using the lowest speed, even ten 200 litre drums can be emptied with just one battery charge. When the replaceable lithium ion battery has run flat, it can quickly and easily be exchanged and recharged within just 30 minutes. FBM-B 3100 battery motor — for even more mobility and flexibility The COMBIFLUX pump is especially suitable for transferring smaller volumes, e.g. out of narrowopenings and difficult to access containers. It is available in three variants made of the materials polypropylene, polyvinylidene fluoride or stainless steel. Due to the modular design, the FEM 3070 collector motor previously enabled different containers to be emptied one after the other with different COMBIFLUX pumps. The new FBM-B 3100 battery motor now provides even more mobility and enables new applications. Because its independence from mains electrical power supply this makes the FBM-B 3100 especially suitable for applications where cables are problematic or not desired, or mains supply is unstable or not available at all, e.g. outdoors. The new brushless battery motor has no carbon brushes, making it maintenance free. Other features such as the variable speed delivery rate, independence from mains electrical power supply and replaceable battery deliver clear benefits to the user in terms of flexibility and economic efficiency. Now independent and free. e. The motor FBM-B 3100 is the world‘s first brushless and therefore maintenance-free battery motor for pumps. In combination with the small sealless COMBIFLUX drum pump it is impressive with a highh delivery rate, astonishing for such a small pump. With its replaceable storage battery it is extremely usefull wherever electrical outlets and cables are not desired and ideal for outdoor works – leavingg you independent and free. Granted th e iF Product Design Award The new FBM-B 3100 battery motor has won the world-renowned iF Product Design Award 2014. ! Newfor Also s IBC Phone: 01202 823304 · Issue 23 PECM 11