Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 99

CHAPTER 4 ALISON PERCIC & SANDRA PERCIC Peak Pilates Master Instructors Brighton, Australia ® Why would you recommend Peak Pilates over other Pilates education programs? supportive. The students who come out of the program are very successful Instructors. We chose the program that we would join very carefully. Pilates is our passion, and the we chose program really needed to reflect this. We have also been in the fitness industry for a very long time and consider ourselves very lucky to have experienced numerous styles of exercise. Peak Pilates not only gives you all the technical information, but also instruction on how to teach in a very welcoming and supportive environment. All these factors are very important to bring out the best in a student. How does Peak Pilates influence the global community? ® Knowing that you can be in most parts of the world and find a Peak Pilates Education Center is very satisfying and speaks to how amazing their approach is and why it has such a following. What is your favorite part about working with Peak Pilates? It was because their core values matched ours. Values of integrity, honesty, passion for Pilates and, most importantly, a love for people! These values permeate everything, so it makes it wonderful to work with Peak. Is there anybody that has particularly inspired or influenced you in your Pilates career? When we were students, we were very inspired by Peter Roel, who showed me what passion and enthusiasm looks like when ex pressed in movement. When we joined the Peak Pilates Master Instructor training program, we were so lucky to have been mentored by Clare Dunphy and Zoey Trap. With all their knowledge and experience, these strong women have remained humble and are all about giving and supporting us to continue to grow and become not just better Pilates instructors, but better people! How does Peak Pilates equipment and education diversify your education center? As a Peak Pilates education center, we have students come in from all parts of the southern hemisphere. Different countries and people all with the same goal — a passion for learning. The Peak Pilates workshops are open to everybody. They bring together instructors from different Pilates backgrounds and allows everyone to learn and support each other. The different pieces of equipment are a great selection for any instructor from both from a monetary and visual viewpoint, as well as space considerations (folding or stacking options). You can always feel secure of its quality knowing that it’s a Peak Pilates piece. Our equipment is now coming up to being 15 years old and everyone thinks it’s brand new. What makes Peak Pilates education unique? We have a systematic approach to learning, so it gives students a clear framework of where to start and then how to continue their Pilates Instructor journey. Everything is very clear and the whole journey is very 99 PEAK PILATES