Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 98

EDUCATION CENTERS & HOST FACILITIES NANCY HURD Peak Pilates Master Instructor Austin, Texas ® Can you tell us about your favorite experience in which a Peak Pilates training benefited a student? What makes Peak Pilates education unique? ® Community. Peak Pilates is such a wonderful community to be part of. The very first words in my welcome letter to new students on their journey are “Welcome to the Peak Pilates Family”. There is such overwhelming support from all of the Peak team, from the headquarters in California to the very newest student beginning their teacher pathway. Throughout the years, there have been so many amazing things that have happened during the Peak Pilates courses. I have seen so many people overcome so many types of obstacles and become successful and empowered. This comes from Peak Pilates’ strong education system coupled with their supportive community. This non-competitive and nurturing environment sets up the stage for life-long learning, giving, sharing and growing. How does Peak Pilates influence the global community? By sharing the same goals in a supportive and positive way, Peak Pilates has truly created a global team. I have been fortunate through Peak Pilates to work with people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds working towards the same goals. These positive and ongoing relationships make the world seem more connected and a true global community. Why would you recommend Peak Pilates over other Pilates education programs? I have an extensive background in education and I love Peak Pilates programs because they offer a strong pedagogy of Pilates. Their curriculum has clear objectives, lesson plans, syllabi and measurable outcomes. The courses include all avenues of learning including lectures, discussions, drills, written materials, demonstrations and hands-on work. Their courses are laid out and delivered in a systematic, clear and consistent manner. It is a teacher’s dream. What is your favorite part about working with Peak Pilates? I love the fact that Peak Pilates is continuously evolving. We never stand still and strive to challenge ourselves and continue to grow each and every day. In what ways do Peak Pilates events like the Pilates Empowerment Summit (PES) benefit your career and enhance your knowledge? How does Peak Pilates equipment and education diversify your education center? Peak Pilates equipment is essential in the success of our education center. Their line of equipment is very diverse and meets the need of any instructor’s goals and style. It’s a combination of the gathering of the minds and a really great time! I love the community feeling, the amazing instructors, students and Peak Pilates team. I leave every year feeling inspired, renewed and ready for the teaching ahead. 98 PEAK PILATES ®