Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 97

CHAPTER 4 PEAK PILATES ® EDUCATION CENTERS PEAK PILATES ® HOST FACILITIES Over the years, Peak Pilates has become a global leader in Pilates education, offering an unmatched combination of superior Pilates equipment and classical Pilates training. We deeply value this commitment and seek out facilities to offer Peak Pilates instructor training programs and continuing education courses. You can join a tradition of improving lives by becoming an education center or host facility. Education centers enhance their instructors by training them in the best Pilates education in the world, bringing even greater value to their studio. All education centers feature a Peak Pilates Master Instructor and almost exclusively use Peak Pilates equipment to bring members and clients the highest quality experience possible. These elements represent the quality and dedication for which Peak Pilates stands. If you would like to organize a Peak Pilates training but are not an education center, you can st ill become a host facility. This is a great opportunity to add more variety and quality to the classes offered in your studio. Hosting a instructor training program is a convenient way to help your instructors gain certifications and advanced skills, as well as recruit new talent to your facility. You will also receive recognition through your affiliation with one of the most esteemed Pilates teacher training programs in the world. Hosting benefits include complementary registration, cash awards and gift certificates. ® Our Peak Pilates education centers share our commitment to developing exceptional Pilates teachers who are proud to represent an esteemed Pilates education program. The centers are integral in furthering the development of the Pilates community by enriching the careers of its instructors and teachers. For this dedication, we offer a generous revenue sharing package with our education centers, making their studio's even more profitable. In addition, we offer exclusive discounts on Peak Pilates equipment, accessories and apparel. When you call upon us for counsel, you can be assured that you will be working with business-minded people who understand Pilates from every level. With the success and growth of the Peak Pilates program, we will continue to expand our education center network, and we look forward to working in partnership with you and your business. 97 PEAK PILATES