Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 93

CHAPTER 3 Certified Instructor. Later, Zoey asked if I would consider becoming a Peak Pilates Master Instructor. I always enjoyed watching MIs so as soon as she asked, I was all over it. What were some challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? beauty and potential of the system with proprietary teaching methodologies that enable instructors to identify and address any weaknesses or points of improvement in their teaching. Additionally, it was essential to incorporate the latest in science and anatomy to create a deeper understanding of the integrated and systematic approach. Today, from lesson plans to instructor manuals, Peak Pilates continues to refine our programs, always looking toward the future to meet the needs of our ever–changing industry. ® Master Instructor (MI) Camps Peak Pilates selects high-caliber instructors to represent our program. We recruit dedicated instructors with a passion for training new teachers and provide them with unparalleled support. Our formal mentoring system gives Peak Pilates Master Instructor candidates the teaching tools and professional support that can only come from one of our specially trained, top-tier Master Instructors. Becoming a Peak Pilates Master Instructor requires a considerable investment of time and resources for both the potential Master Instructor and the Peak Pilates education team. Candidates travel, study, prepare and practice to meet the pathway requirements and ensure the standard of excellence we strive for at Peak Pilates. I found every part of it to be quite challenging, from Level I all the way up. You have to allow yourself to be a little uncomfortable in the process, open yourself up to correction and allow yourself to be taught. Have you taught students with MS? I’ve taught students with MS and Parkinson’s. I’ve been able to give them positive results for their body to move them past their hindrances. How long after doing Pilates everyday did you see an improvement? The migraines I used to have pretty much stopped instantly. I could alleviate a migraine pretty quickly just by getting into a long spine, doing length and opposition. Pilates and my mentors helped me learn how to lengthen my neurological pathways, then to repeat my movements until they became really comfortable. Through repetition, I think my brain did some rerouting, and after a couple years, I didn’t need a cane anymore. How has Pilates changed your life? My whole life is so much better. I was telling a friend that I was off to Miami for PES, and I never thought I would be saying those words. It has taken me from a world that I never thought I would be able to have, and it’s given me a world that I adore, and I can’t even begin to fathom what my world would be without it. MI Camp is a time devoted to exploring new skills, working to develop authenticity and deliver inspired education. Our MIs are the pride of our program and each offers his or her unique skill set that brings Peak Pilates to life. 93 PEAK PILATES ®